Chief Chernomor of Soviet cinema: A man without complexes Vladimir Fedorov
Chief Chernomor of Soviet cinema: A man without complexes Vladimir Fedorov

The amazing fate of this man gave him two professions at once, and both are beloved. We all know Vladimir Anatolyevich as the actor who played the "evil Karla" in the film adaptation of Pushkin's fairy tale and the dictator Turanchoks in the film "Through hardships to the stars". However, cinema and theater were his second passion. Science remained the first for life. If medals were awarded for versatility, then the nuclear physicist, actor, poet, writer and convinced dissident Vladimir Fedorov would undoubtedly deserve this award.

Vladimir was born in Moscow in 1939. It was a difficult time, and his mother was offered, while still in the maternity hospital, to abandon the baby, whose height was only 30 cm, and the head was disproportionately huge. However, the woman, according to Vladimir Anatolyevich himself, Probably, the child received deviations from his grandfather, so the family accepted him very calmly. The boy was raised with great love:

Although “specific difficulties” were enough to break a weaker person, even in adulthood, Vladimir's height was only 130 cm. However, the talent of an inventor quickly manifested itself in the boy. Therefore, according to him, when, for example, he could not reach the call button, he approached this issue as a problem that needed to be solved with the help of auxiliary means, and everything always worked out. It soon became clear that the unusual child is a real child prodigy. Mother-designer and father - a lover of electronics, did not lisp with him, but tried to support the young inventor's hobby. Vladimir Anatolyevich said that his favorite book at the age of 4-5 was "Seven-digit tables of logarithms" by Bradis, which seemed to him "the sacred book of numbers."

Vladimir Fedorov in his home workshop

Already in the 7th grade, Vladimir had to start earning money for a living. The mother fell seriously ill, and the father had a new family. Then Volodya, in order to feed himself and his two brothers, began to repair equipment. When I entered MEPhI without any problems, it became a little easier - an excellent student's scholarship, part-time work at the department and "hack-work" helped to live. The gifted student defended his diploma in the field of spectrometry of mixed gamma-neutron fields, having already 20 scientific papers by that time. In total, Vladimir Anatolyevich is the author of over 50 scientific works and inventions. For many years his apartment was a mixture of a scientific laboratory and a workshop.

However, by the 80s, Vladimir Fedorov was already on the bad side of the “authorities”. The young man did not hide his obviously dissident views, and because of this, he soon began to have difficulties, even there were searches, during which the banned "samizdat" was confiscated. However, in one of the "suspicious" jazz clubs, he just met the film director Alexander Ptushko, who could not find a suitable actor for the future fairy tale.

Still from the film "Ruslan and Lyudmila", Chernomor - Vladimir Fedorov

- said the famous actor.

Still from the movie "Through the Thorns to the Stars", Vladimir Fedorov as Turanchoks

In this new business for him, an actor with an unusual appearance turned out to be so in demand that over 40 years of his film career he managed to star in 44 films. Moreover, many of these films were truly stellar: "The Wild Hunt of King Stakh", "Black Arrow", "Twelve Chairs", "Kin-dza-dza!", "Heart of a Dog".After the role of the villain Turanchoks from the fantastic film "Through Thorns to the Stars", according to Vladimir Anatolyevich, he was no longer perceived as an amateur, and a year later the famous Roman Viktyuk invited him to the professional theater stage for the first time. Soon Vladimir got a job at the Vakhtangov Theater, and later at the Nikitsky Gate Theater.

"Theater at the Nikitsky Gate", Vladimir Fedorov in the play "Hamlet" staged by Mark Grigorievich Rozovsky

If the professional fate of an unusual actor turned out to be very successful, then his personal life has always been distinguished by richness and stormy turns. Vladimir was married four times, according to him, he was always attracted to bright women. He became a father four times, but unfortunately two of his children died. Of all the heirs, only one daughter inherited unsuccessful paternal genes, but Vladimir Anatolyevich does not at all consider this a curse. In the end, the actor found family happiness with a woman who is 35 years younger than him. For 15 years now, this family has been pleasing all its acquaintances, and for 80-year-old Vladimir, his wife Vera is now a real support.

Vladimir Fedorov and his wife

Today the actor is no longer acting, but he has not stopped studying science. He also does not change his views over time, and now he has turned from a dissident into an oppositionist. It is surprising that along with a huge creative and intellectual potential in this person, passion coexists, which, perhaps, is the main thing in his life. This is love for freedom, which does not allow him to remain indifferent to the problems of society, no matter what changes occur in our country.

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