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Ivars Kalnins - 73: What the screen heartthrob has always been behind the scenes
Ivars Kalnins - 73: What the screen heartthrob has always been behind the scenes

On August 1, the famous Latvian actor Ivars Kalnins will be 73 years old. For millions of viewers, he still remains Herbert from "Winter Cherry" - an impeccable hero, a handsome man, "a little foreigner", an intellectual with aristocratic manners. Millions of spectators throughout the USSR sighed for him, and the actor himself was always burdened by his screen image, imposed on him by directors. Why the role that glorified him throughout the country made him sore, and whether he enjoyed the fruits of his incredible popularity with women - further in the review.

How a Beatloman locksmith became a movie star thanks to Wii Artman

Ivar Kalnins in the film Seaside Climate, 1974

Ivar grew up in Riga in a large family with three other children. Mother was engaged in their upbringing and housekeeping, father worked as a car mechanic. And since childhood, Ivar dreamed of the stage, studied music, learned to play the mandolin in the circle of the House of Culture. The family lived very modestly, and when Ivar was not yet 14, he decided to help his parents. His father arranged for him to be a locksmith apprentice, and he worked 4 hours a day. Later he was engaged in the repair of computers. At the same time, he did not leave music lessons. With his first salary, he bought a guitar. He played along with other musicians on the streets, and began performing in rock bands in high school. Like many of his peers, he was a Beatleman, wore long hair, sported flared trousers and performed at discos and music festivals in Riga and Jurmala.

Ivar Kalnins in the film The Secret of Villa Greta, 1983

After school, Ivar entered the theater faculty of the Latvian State Conservatory and, while studying, became an actor of the Art Academic Theater named after Janis Rainis. At 24, Kalninsh began acting in films, but his first roles were hardly remembered by the audience. At first, his income in theater and cinema did not allow him to provide for his family, and the actor gathered an ensemble of colleagues in the theater and began performing in collective farm clubs. "", - the artist recalled.

Still from the movie Theater, 1978

The first resounding success came to him at the age of 30, when the actor played the main role in the film "Theater", where the famous Vija Artmane became his partner on the set. Before that, he had already performed with her in the theater, and she approved the choice of his candidacy. For Ivar, this role became both fateful and fatal at the same time: it was with "Theater" that his triumphal path to cinema began, but since then he has been assigned the role of a romantic hero-lover, and the actor then could not go beyond this image for many years …

Still from the movie Theater, 1978

From this fame he had a double feeling, he said: "". Neither the actors nor the audience wanted to see him in other roles and identified the actor with his screen ladies' men. The peak of his popularity and demand came in the mid-1980s, when "Winter Cherry" was released, where the actor appeared in the same role of an ideal handsome man.

Bored role

Still from the film Winter Cherry, 1985

Later Kalninsh admitted: "".

Shot from the movie Dolphin Cry, 1986

However, the range of his roles was limited. Of course, in the days of the USSR, he most often got the roles of foreigners, like many Baltic actors. But in the case of Ivar Kalninsh, the reason was not only the accent, but also the demeanor and presentation of oneself. Most of the directors exploited his striking appearance, and after years the actor said that "a really big movie" never happened in his life.

Actor with third wife Laura

Ivars Kalninsh had an incredible number of female fans. He was bombarded with letters, people were looking for meetings with him. But behind the scenes, the actor did not look like his heroes and was never known as a womanizer. After the release of each new film, he was credited with an affair with a partner, but he actually had no office romances. Kalninsh was married three times. He lived with his first wife for 20 years, with the second - 7, with the third he has been together for more than 20 years. According to him, their feelings still have not cooled down, they arrange romantic dinners for each other and continue to confess their love.

Lover hero behind the scenes

The idol of millions of spectators, actor Ivar Kalnins

The actor's hobbies are also not at all secular and not glamorous: he himself built a house on his suburban plot of 26 acres, he himself is engaged in a garden and a vegetable garden, grows apples, cucumbers, currants and gooseberries. Nowadays he acts less often, but even after 70 years he is not going to leave the profession. Today Ivar Kalnins is engaged in 3 entreprise performances, from time to time appears in films and TV series. He says: "".

Actor Ivar Kalnins

In addition, the actor did not abandon his passion for extreme sports, which he has been doing since his youth. He is still engaged in scuba diving and skiing, but he no longer jumps with a parachute. And it still looks great and drives thousands of fans crazy, although it is admitted that love games for him are in the distant past. Ivar Kalninsh says: "".

The idol of millions of spectators, actor Ivar Kalnins

He always dreamed of a strong family and strove for this ideal all his life: Three happy marriages and the love of my life Ivars Kalnins.

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