German teen creates intricate hairstyles worthy of Disney princesses
German teen creates intricate hairstyles worthy of Disney princesses

The hairstyles that this talented girl creates are worthy not only of princesses from cartoons, but also of the head of a real royal person! The young hairdresser is only seventeen years old, and on her account there are already hundreds of the most diverse incredibly intricate hairstyles. The girl's works have already been appreciated by thousands of people around the world, she has a huge number of subscribers. Her passion for hairdressing came to her when she was only six! See our selection for the most ornate of her hairstyles.

The young master's name is Milena (hairstylist.dream on Instagram). The girl began to create hairstyles in early childhood. Of course, at the time, her work did not look so advanced. The young master's extravagant hairstyles are reminiscent of macramé, basket weaving, and knitting or crochet patterns.

Milena began to get involved in creating hairstyles when she was very young

This collection contains the most original of those amazing hairstyles that this talented girl creates.

The best of the young hairdresser's creations in this collection

Milena told about herself the following: “I was about six years old when I began to get involved in creating hairstyles. In general, weaving has always interested me very much. In addition to all kinds of braids, I weaved bracelets, but most of all I liked doing exactly the hairstyles. Then, when I was about ten years old, I began to improve my technique and my work gradually became more and more complex."

The girl started with weaving bracelets After bracelets, Milena moved on to weaving a variety of braids

When the young hairdresser was asked how she began to do such intricate hairstyles, Milena replied: “At one point, I ran out of ideas. I was looking for ways to open up new horizons, expand my knowledge and skills. At that moment, I came to the point that I began to try to combine various techniques of weaving braids."

Over time, the girl moved on to more complex weaving techniques Hairstyles are now incredibly intricate

“The vast majority of ideas come to me during the weaving process. I start to work and thoughts just swarm in my head, producing more and more new ideas,”she added.

Ideas often come to Milena while she is working

What Milena loves most about the process of creating her unique hairstyles is that there are endless creative possibilities here. This is a great way for self-expression and realization of all the inspiring innovative ideas of the young master. The girl really likes that she can let go of all disturbing thoughts and just completely focus on the art of styling. It is great for relaxing!

The girl says that work relaxes her

When Milena is asked if she is annoyed by anything while working, she says: “For me, there is nothing annoying about doing my hair. The biggest challenge for me in all this is to keep within a limited period of time."

The most difficult thing is to keep within a certain period of time

Currently, Milena has more than three tens of thousands of followers on her Instagram account. This is more than a clear sign that people like her work very much.

Milena has over 30,000 subscribers

“I know my hair is special. Even unique ones. People very often wonder how this is possible in principle,”said the hairdresser. “Whenever I tell someone that I do my hair, no one can even imagine which ones. After I show photographs of my work, people simply become speechless. They always tell me that such beauty has never been seen before. Perhaps this explains, in my opinion, such close attention to my work in Instagram and my popularity."

Many people believe that it is simply impossible to create such beauty When people see Milena's hairstyles, they are simply speechless

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