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Spring landscapes by Edward Vyrzhikovsky, looking at which you can smell spring
Spring landscapes by Edward Vyrzhikovsky, looking at which you can smell spring

The spring that has finally arrived evokes the brightest and warmest feelings in everyone's soul. In Russian nature, she is especially good and magical. It was not for this reason that the greatest Russian masters succumbed to inspiration and created beautiful spring landscapes. But today I would like to present a gallery of paintings with the spring mood of our contemporary, who during his lifetime became a classic of Russian painting. Edward Yakovlevich Vyrzhikovsky - a representative of the Leningrad school of painting, an artist who glorified spring in all its manifestations.

In Russia, winter is so harsh and long that the return of warmth causes especially strong joy and enthusiasm among artists. Here they are in every way and in their works are trying to convey to the viewer their mood and attitude to this amazing time of the year. Some of them splash a bright palette of colors on the canvases, others write poetic plot scenes singing the praises of the sorceress-spring. Well, Edward Vyrzhikovsky created in his work, first of all, a spring mood, and not only in landscapes, but also in interiors.

The first of May. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

Take a closer look at the artist's interior landscapes. The view from the window to the blooming garden, unusually bright sunlight, vases with pussy willow branches - all this clearly testifies to the awakening of life in nature. And even if on the artist's canvases we see snow-capped distances and rivers, frozen along the banks, we will certainly feel the smell of spring, its inevitable approach.

Kremlin cathedrals. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

And if you have already noticed: each canvas of the artist is the revival of all living things and the joy of life.

On the eve of spring. Thaw. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky Holiday. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky Spring rain. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

A few words from the biography

Edward Yakovlevich Vyrzhikovsky (1928-2008) - Russian Soviet painter, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1957, working in the best traditions of the Russian realistic school of painting. As for other Leningrad painters of his time, the main thing for the master was not so much an appeal to modernity with its characteristic external signs and acute social themes, but in his own vision of pictorial values, associated with a respectful attitude towards Russian classical painting of the era of itinerant movement.

Edward Yakovlevich Vyrzhikovsky is a Russian Soviet landscape painter

Edward Vyrzhikovsky was born in the spring of 1928 in Irkutsk. At the age of two, he and his parents moved to Leningrad. A part of his creative destiny will later be connected with this city. There, in 1948, he graduated from a specialized school at the Academy of Arts of the USSR and entered the painting department of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E.Repin. In 1954, E. Vyrzhikovsky graduated from high school in the workshop of Professor B.V. Ioganson with the qualification of a painting artist.

The smell of spring. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

While still a student, Vyrzhikovsky participates in exhibitions, writes genre paintings, landscapes, interiors, and still lifes. After graduation, he worked under contracts with the Combine of Painting and Design Arts (KZHOI) of the Leningrad branch of the Art Fund of the RSFSR. In 1957 he was accepted as a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists.

On the Moscow River. Spring. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

From the mid-1960s to the early 2000s, most of the time, the master lived and worked in the ancient Russian city of Tutaev, Yaroslavl Region on the Volga, to which numerous works of the artist are dedicated. Among them - "Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev", "Archangel Temple", "May Day", "Water from the Mountains", "Spring Day", "Tutaev on the Volga" and others.

Volga in early spring. At the pier. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

In 1989-1992, the works of E. Ya. Vyrzhikovsky were exhibited at exhibitions and auctions of Russian painting L 'Ecole de Leningrad in France. In 2001, E. Vyrzhikovsky was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. And seven years later, at the eightieth year of the artist's life, he was gone.

"Edge of the Forest". (1968). Canvas, oil. Private collection. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

, - according to art critic E. Semyonova.

Tutaev. Kazan. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

Of course, the artist worked not only on spring landscapes, he glorified nature, regardless of its state. In the piggy bank of his work there are also magnificent characteristic portraits. Today, the master's works are in museums and private collections in Russia, France, Japan, Great Britain, Finland, USA and other countries.

Portrait of my grandmother. 1957. Oil on canvas. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky Autumn flowers. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky On the outskirts. Station Lanskaya. Canvas, oil. Author: Edward Vyrzhikovsky

Often the artist is compared to Bruegel for the panoramic composition of city landscapes. The same vast distances, many characters and storylines. Probably, there is not a small grain of truth in this.

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