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How the realistic paintings of the modern impessionist Alexei Zaitsev captivate the audience
How the realistic paintings of the modern impessionist Alexei Zaitsev captivate the audience

In recent years, according to many experts, Russia is indeed increasingly becoming the ark of salvation for the true European Christian civilization and true art. In contrast to the Western worldview, realism in all its manifestations is still highly valued in Russia. Today in our publication there is an amazing gallery of works by one of the few contemporaries working in the style of impressionism and realism, a Moscow artist - Alexey Zaitsev.

A little about the artist

Alexey Zaitsev (born 1959) is from Ryazan. Even in early childhood, Alexei, thanks to his own aunt, Honored Artist of the USSR, joined the fine arts. He loved to sit in her studio and watch how paintings are born from under her brush. And then, inspired, the boy took brushes and pencils in his hands with great interest, trying to imitate the talented artist. Of course, the grain, sown in fertile soil, gave its shoots. Aleksey enthusiastically drew everything that captivated and excited his young soul, and his aunt, in turn, with great enthusiasm introduced her nephew to the world of artistic creativity, instilling love for the natural environment and all living things. Subsequently, it is this childhood impression and the first lessons that will become the basis in the creative searches of the young painter.

Alexey Zaitsev is a Moscow impressionist painter

At the age of 12, Alexey moved from Ryazan to Moscow. And when the certificate was finally received, the young man did not face the question: where to go to study. He entered Moscow University, where he studied at the art department with a degree in book graphics. Nevertheless, after graduating from the university, Alexei Zaitsev never became a professional in illustrating books. But the knowledge, experience and skills gained at the faculty of book graphics allowed the artist to fully develop his extraordinary artistic gift in the field of impressionism.

In search of the author's style

Sage field. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

During his studies and afterwards, Alexei traveled a lot with an easel around the capital and its outskirts. The young painter was especially attracted by remote villages and provincial cities, with their inhabitants. He was also inspired by amazing natural landscapes, changeable atmospheric phenomena, and created many sketches and sketches in the open air. And then, literally saturated with the miraculous spirit of the Russian land, he returned home, filled with new impressions, and recreated what he saw again, only on large canvases. The work in two stages made it possible for the young master to think over to the smallest detail both the combination of shades and the ratio of the colors. It was in this creative approach that the artist's corporate style was formed.

World fame of the artist

The pier. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

In the mid-80s, many painters had the opportunity to exhibit their works not only in Russia, but also abroad. And the exhibition activity of the Moscow master Alexei Zaitsev, of course, gave its results - many countries of Western Europe and America learned about the delightful works of the beginning Russian impressionist.And already today, the painter's canvases are an adornment of many Russian embassies in different countries of the world, as well as private collections of almost all European and some Asian states. Since 2005, the artist has been successfully collaborating with a private gallery in Florida.

About style

White angel. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

Looking at the painting of Alexei Mikhailovich, filled to the brim with his bright and lively soul, we admire the skill and generosity, which makes it possible for lovers of impressionism to feel a special world made of colorful mash. Perhaps this is the main secret of the charm of his creations, made in the best traditions of this style. In them, both the precision of the application of strokes and the conditions of execution (meaning the plein air) are observed. But the detailed drawing of the compositional centers and the main characters are already the author's findings of Zaitsev.

About technique

On the river. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

Having carefully looked at the painter's canvases, with the naked eye you can see that the artist uses a palette knife in his work, and very virtuoso. He overlays wide body strokes one after another with local colors, which create not only a background reminiscent of an iridescent mosaic, but also a light atmospheric-airy radiance. But Zaitsev draws details with thin brushes, as a result of which his works acquire a certain sophistication and clarity of the drawing, a special saturation of the color range.

Thaw. City landscape. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

By the way, palette knife painting is an amazing technique that allows you to create truly unique pictorial creations that differ in texture, volume, and extraordinary purity of colors. And in skillful hands, this instrument works wonders.

Creativity theme

White peonies. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

And, as many have already noted, Alexey Mikhailovich is a versatile artist. It seems that there is no genre in painting that he would not use in his work. He is equally magnificent in urban and rural landscapes, genre scenes with images of people and animals, as well as still lifes. The floral motives of the master are especially impressive. With all this, all the works of the impressionist are unusually fresh and saturated with light. He sifts each of his subjects through a sun sieve and gets a new harmonious sound.

Wildflowers. / Poppies. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

Agree, everything that comes out from under the artist's brush breathes life. Therefore, it is not surprising that the impressionism of this master is highly valued not only in the domestic art market, but also in European countries and overseas.

On the bridge. Author: Alexey Zaitsev Wildflowers. Author: Alexey Zaitsev Kolka, come out! Author: Alexey Zaitsev Winter morning. Author: Alexey Zaitsev Ford. Author: Alexey Zaitsev


And in conclusion, I would like to note that many experts, analyzing the technique and skillful use of the color palette, compare the painting of Alexei Zaitsev with the works of the famous Russian artist Konstantin Korovin, who at one time was called the first Russian impressionist.

On the river. / Still life. Author: Alexey Zaitsev

Now it is hard to believe that some one and a half centuries ago, the newfangled movement called impressionism, which emerged in the world of painting, shocked not only critics and the public … The new technique of a wide careless brushstroke horrified many academic masters. And with all this, connoisseurs of painting openly made fun of the painting of young revolutionary artists and did not buy anything from them. Nevertheless, forced to live from hand to mouth, the innovators-impressionists did not change their beliefs, and today their paintings are one of the most expensive at the world auction sale.

And, continuing the theme of Russian impressionism, I would like to bring to your attention an informative article: Brothers-artists Korovin: Two different worldviews, two opposites, two dissimilar destinies. But surely, many do not know that the famous impressionist had an older brother Sergei, also an artist who followed in the footsteps of the Itinerants.

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