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Love labyrinths and zigzags of life of the main macho of Russian cinema Konstantin Solovyov
Love labyrinths and zigzags of life of the main macho of Russian cinema Konstantin Solovyov

For two decades now, a courageous athletic physique actor who professionally performs complex tricks without understudies has been Konstantin Soloviev attracts the attention of not only filmmakers. The pumped up brutal macho also makes millions of women's hearts beat faster. It would seem that in the personal life of a sought-after actor and a desirable man, everything should be the same as in films with his participation. But, alas, it didn't work out. About the love labyrinths and zigzags of the life paths of the 46-year-old actor, further in our publication.

Konstantin Soloviev

Constantine from a young age, clearly suffering from youthful maximalism, was obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming a superhero, saving the Earth from world evil. Therefore, at one time and tried to get the profession of a doctor, then a policeman. But it so happened that he had to embody his youthful dream with the help of his characters on the screen. According to the actor, he still dreams of acting - fortunately, the texture allows.

Therefore, it is not for nothing that Solovyov is most often invited by directors to play the roles of fighters, military or security guards. But, oddly enough, in real life he is characterized as a calm, reliable man who does not lose his composure. They say about such people: "behind him like a stone wall." And curiously, it was not always so. He had to go the path of becoming from a difficult teenage bully to what he is today.

Turning over the pages of the biography. Finding yourself

Konstantin Soloviev in childhood and adolescence

The native Muscovite Konstantin Soloviev was born in 1974. His father is a policeman who rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel, and his mother is a railway engineer. To be honest, Kostya was a very difficult child as a child. Spending a lot of time on the street, he constantly participated in all street fights - he fought with his peers and older children. In addition, the juvenile bully was shamelessly skipping lessons. He also loved to play football, and when he grew up, he began to look in which sport to seriously use his strength., - Konstantin later recalled. It was there that he was able to direct his irrepressible energy in the right direction, quit smoking, became a strong and strong-willed young man.

Konstantin Soloviev is a theater and film actor

The teachers breathed a sigh of relief when Soloviev, after the eighth grade, decided to leave school. He applied to a medical school - he thought that he would first become a nurse, then a doctor and would help people. But, soon realizing that this profession was absolutely not his, he decided to reorient himself.

This time Soloviev Jr., having decided to "support the dynasty", followed in his father's footsteps - he entered the Higher Police School. … However, even here he lasted only two years. I gave it up. A clear realization came: again - not that.

And then Konstantin, finally, having listened to his older sister, found himself - in the profession of an actor. She constantly repeated to him: "With such a textured appearance, try to become an artist." However, the first pancake turned out to be lumpy - he failed the entrance exams miserably. But at this time he met Marina Golub, who started preparing him for a theater university for the next year.This time, the doors of four theatrical universities in Moscow - the Shchukin Theater School, the Moscow Art Theater, GITIS and VGIK - were opened to a muscular handsome man with exquisite facial features and a height of two meters. Chose Konstantin - Shchukinskoe. - he said.

Konstantin Soloviev

Creative career

Already from the third year, a textured student is invited to work on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theater. Konstantin got his first film role when he was already in his last year. He played in a series about future journalists “Let's Get to Know You!”. In 1999 he graduated from the faculty of acting. And now, over 20 years of his creative career, the popular artist has more than 100 film projects, as well as many theatrical roles played. True, soon the actor had to leave the theater in connection with his marriage and departure to America.

Curiously, Konstantin started in the cinema as a stuntman - while still a sophomore, he worked out a stunt role in the film "Black Ocean". In 2000 he played his first major role. The film "In August 1944" gave Solovyov a successful start in big cinema.

Konstantin Solovyov in the film "In August 44th"

The first main role of the actor is the surgeon Sergei Nazarov in the melodrama "Summer Rain". After filming in this series, Solovyov's acting career took off sharply. Numerous proposals from directors literally rained down on him. In a short time, he starred in many films, noted by the Russian audience: "Code of Honor", "Doomed to become a star", "Do not be born beautiful", "Soldiers", "Brigade", "Rostov-papa", "Stop on demand", "Turetsky's March", "Moroseyka, 12" and others.

Recently, the actor is in great demand and, continuing to act in his favorite role, Soloviev barely manages to migrate from series to series. For example, recently the actor was reincarnated as Vlad Sokolov, a major of the special task force of the Internal Security Service, in the TV series "The Other Major Sokolov" and, at the same time, in the hero of a lover in the melodrama "Don't tell me about him."

Personal life of the actor. First try

And if on the screen Konstantin Soloviev is almost always a superhero, then in his personal life it is rather difficult to call him such. There have been many rumors about him for many years, and far from being disingenuous. They are quite difficult to understand. And, nevertheless, about everything in order.

Celine Barron. / Konstantin Soloviev

So, while still at the theater school, Konstantin met his first wife - she was the American Celine Barron (in Russia the girl's name was Inna). She was a classmate of Konstantin, their meeting became fateful for Konstantin. At first glance, she won the heart of a macho, for which the applicants of the entire school literally thrilled. Meanwhile, the two-meter handsome man lost his head and fell head over heels in love with a slender, beautiful foreign woman with long luxurious hair.

Konstantin Soloviev

After graduation, Constantine's beloved went to her homeland - to the States, and the 25-year-old actor, after working for some time at the Vakhtangov Theater, decided to “go free floating” and followed Celine. There, the couple officially signed, and for Konstantin, harsh everyday life began in a foreign land. It was a real school of survival for the Russian actor. Not knowing the language, he tried to break into the cinema. But a career in Hollywood did not work out. Although in fairness it should be noted that Solovyov still managed to participate in several American projects - we must pay tribute to his strong-willed character and textured appearance.

Konstantin Soloviev

Therefore, in order to ensure a decent existence for his family, Soloviev got a job as a fitness trainer at a large club. Meanwhile, the actor often began to travel to Russia, and not only to visit parents and friends, but also to act in films in one role or another. The demand for the artist at home led to the fact that life in two countries and a guest marriage with Celine turned out to be incompatible for their family and, after almost ten years of marriage, they parted. With children, the couple did not work out, and according to the actor, his mentality and outlook on life were very different from his wife.

Second marriage with Evgenia Akhremenko

Konstantin Soloviev with his wife Evgenia Akhremenko

Strange as it may sound, Solovyov will find his second wife shortly before the divorce, all in the same America. The daughter of the Russian diplomat Yevgeny Akhremenko lived with her family in the United States for many years. When Zhenya and Kostya met for the first time, she was a student at the National Academy of Acting Arts, studied art with the famous master Anthony Hopkins. True, at that time it could not be called the beginning of relations, rather, the communication of compatriots in a foreign land.

They met in Russia, when both were on the same set of the series "Lace". This meeting turned out to be fateful for both, and they immediately felt it. However, a spark of passion between them slipped much later, during the filming of the movie "Once there will be love." The joint work brought Evgenia and Konstantin very close, and in 2009 Soloviev and Akhrimenko officially registered their marriage. Evgenia moved to Russia, although her parents still remained in America. After some time, an important event happened in their family - they became parents.

Konstantin Soloviev with his wife and eldest son

The actor dreamed of the birth of an heir for a very long time, so his joy knew no bounds. And almost four years later, little Daniel had a brother - Timofey, who became a real gift for Konstantin - his wife gave birth to her second child on her husband's birthday - January 28, who was personally present at his birth, morally supporting his wife.

However, what happened three months after the birth of her second child was like a bolt from the blue for Eugene: Konstantin suddenly left the family. As it turned out, the brutal macho fell in love again.

Evgenia Akhremenko with children

A strange story with a divorce and the birth of a daughter

The breakup of family relations was difficult, especially for Evgenia. Until now, many unresolved problems and grievances remained between them. The actor has two sons from his second marriage, who, after a divorce, live with their mother in America. But the most stunning thing in this story is that after the divorce, the children of Konstantin Solovyov were deleted by him from his biography. He openly denied them, saying that the sons were not from him. It looks really strange, because as a spouse Konstantin was personally present at their birth. As the actor himself now says, he and his ex-wife, not getting to know each other better, quickly got married. This is what became the fatal mistake. He prefers not to remember that he was once married to Akhrimenko, claiming that this whole story is a well-thought-out PR move. And now it is not known for certain whether the actor pays alimony for his sons, since it is known from some sources that he pays regularly, from others not.

Konstantin and Anastasia with their daughter Lisa

Indeed, a strange story … considering that the actor's eldest son was born in 2010, and the daughter from his third marriage, Lisa, in 2011. The ex-wife of Eugene, after the divorce, stubbornly spread rumors that Liza was not her husband's daughter, and that Soloviev had adopted the child by his beloved. But here, too, there was a discrepancy - an acquaintance with the real wife of the actor - Anastasia Larina took place in 2011 in St. Petersburg during the filming of the series "Foundry", and she had no child before meeting Konstantin … And what is curious, this fact is neither an actor, nor his current wife comment, however, like a lot of other things, protecting their family from human curiosity and gossip.

Love affair at work. Third marriage of Konstantin Solovyov

Konstantin Soloviev and Anastasia Larina

Anastasia Larina became the third wife of Konstantin Solovyov. She is a professional choreographer, 15 years younger than her husband. With Nastya, the artist met on the set of the series "Foundry" (2011), where the girl got a job as an assistant casting producer, immediately after graduating from St. Petersburg University. Anastasia was fascinated by the handsome brutal actor and immediately fell in love with him. Solovyov himself noticed a pretty new girl on the set. Soon, they both realized that their relationship had gone beyond the working class and developed into a romantic one.Although the couple did not advertise their feelings on the set, colleagues noticed the intensity of feelings and made fun of the actor, he just brushed it off and became more and more attached to Nastya. Later, he admitted that at first glance he understood: Anastasia is his woman.

Konstantin and Anastasia with their daughters

While the series was being filmed, Soloviev wandered between St. Petersburg and Moscow, where his family lived. And then Nastya moved to Moscow. Time will pass, and the actor will declare: In 2014, the lovers signed and are happy together to this day.

The year before last, the actor's wife gave birth to another daughter. Solovyov in all interviews says that he is very happy in his third marriage. He regularly uploads photos with his wife and daughters on the Internet on his page., he says.

The only thing that remains unclear is why the actor does not want to communicate with his sons. Perhaps the reunion of father and sons will take place after they grow up.

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