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5 ways to save on tickets for cultural events
5 ways to save on tickets for cultural events

Video: 5 ways to save on tickets for cultural events

Video: 5 ways to save on tickets for cultural events
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5 ways to save on tickets for cultural events
5 ways to save on tickets for cultural events

There are people who prefer to spend money on expensive bags, shoes or designer clothes, and some spend money on tickets for concerts and travel. However, you should always look for ways to buy theater and concert tickets at the lowest prices using In this article, we will tell you how to save money when buying tickets for cultural events.

Special sites of promo codes

To save on ticket purchases, it is worth checking the promo code sites and regularly reviewing what discounts they offer on tickets. Discounts can be up to 75% off the original price. Of course, these will not be first-row seats or VIP boxes, since they are much cheaper and often do not require additional service charges, which is why they often have big discounts. Look for promo codes for resale sites. They are known for collaborating with social media influencers, so there's always code somewhere. While the savings won't be huge, saving a couple thousand rubles won't hurt anyone!

Ticket sellers

It is often possible to find tickets for sale from individual sellers on social networks and other applications, you should be careful not to buy fake tickets. If you buy a ticket from a broker, it is worth checking if he is an official representative. Sellers are desperate to just get back some of what they paid for tickets, and often cut the price they ask for on show day, especially if a ton of tickets are still available. Moreover, the sales and tickets service protects the purchase with its 100% guarantee. If tickets purchased on the website or in the mobile application are found to be invalid, the buyer will be able to get their money back or request replacement tickets. The buyer will also receive a full refund if the event is canceled and not rescheduled.

Last minute purchase

If you have the patience to wait and the person is willing to take the risk, you can always try to buy concert tickets on the week the show takes place, and sometimes even on the day of the show. The venues often store tickets for artists, promoters and for their own use. Many artists also have tickets that are part of the VIP package, if there are packages that have not been sold, those tickets are usually put up for sale again. Oftentimes, if tickets are bought directly at the box office, the Ticketmaster service charges can be avoided, sometimes resulting in significant savings. Last minute tickets are usually cheaper than other tickets. It might be worth the risk. Resellers often cut prices if tickets weren't sold right up until the concert.

Go to the concert alone

There is nothing like going to a concert of your favorite band or a theatrical performance in splendid isolation. This gives the opportunity to purchase great single seats that people try to sell on eBay, the Stub Hub, at a discounted price when their friend or family can't go to the event. Occasionally, random single spots appear on Ticketmaster that are near the stage, the user just needs to keep checking, checking and checking again. It's worth it!

Winning tickets

Ticket prices are on the rise these days, and many of the performances we saw a couple of years ago today charge double, if not triple, ticket prices. This has to do with streaming music and now artists are making money not from music, but from touring. If tickets are not included in the budget, you should not refuse to visit your favorite bands, you just need to be creative, and sometimes luck can really be on the side of the viewer. It's important to stay up to date with your favorite group's news on social media and pay attention to local radio stations when a concert is approaching. Ticket giveaways are not uncommon, and even if the chances of winning are slim, it might just be a lucky day. Don't give up! Many groups give out tickets through their social media accounts, online contests and radio promotions. Many Lyuli have won tickets to concerts by Madonna, Dave Matthews Band, Van Halen and Big Time Rush and many other world stars. Madonna tickets are often raffled directly on Twitter. The conditions of the competition are quite simple - it is enough to mark the group on social networks during the competition along with a selfie. It couldn't be easier.

Concert ticket pre-sale is a chance to get tickets before they are sold to the general public. Pre-purchase helps avoid the risk of concert tickets being stolen before being taken over by resale bots. Resale tickets can get much more expensive, especially if it is a popular concert. To get the much coveted tickets at a nice discount, you need to follow social media like Twitter for pre-sale promo codes, and it's also a great idea to use Twitter's advanced search feature to find your desired code faster.