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How was the fate of the red-haired Makar Gusev from the film "The Adventures of Electronics"
How was the fate of the red-haired Makar Gusev from the film "The Adventures of Electronics"

The fame of this actor after the release of the film "The Adventures of Electronics" could only be compared with the glory of the Torsuev brothers, who played the main characters of the picture. The phrases that the freckled Makar Gusev uttered in the picture are still quoted by viewers whose childhood fell on the end of the last century. Vasily Modest, it seems, was simply created for the stage, but after filming several films, the young actor decided to change his life drastically.

Simple Odessa schoolboy

A still from the film "The Adventures of Electronics"

Vasily Modest was born and raised in Odessa, studied at the most ordinary school, and one fine day he simply almost knocked his chance off his feet. He rolled dashingly along the railing and almost caught a stranger on the ground floor. How could he then imagine that this meeting would change his whole life?

Director's assistant Yulia Konstantinova had just entered the school where Vasily was studying at that time, when a red-haired, freckled and very charming teenager slid onto her from somewhere from above. Yulia Dmitrievna understood immediately: the very Makar Gusev, whom she had been looking for for so long, was standing in front of her. Approval for the role did not even go without samples, they just talked with the guy at the film studio.

Vasily Modest

Vasily Modest, a simple Odessa teenager, got on the set, where an amazing atmosphere reigned. In addition to the fact that children were involved in the film, real professionals worked next to them, from whom everyone had something to learn. Nikolai Grinko and Vladimir Basov, Nikolai Karachentsov and Evgeny Vesnik, Maya Bulgakova and Roza Makagonova, Lev Perfilov, Elizaveta Nikishchikina, Nikolai Boyarsky, each of these wonderful actors was a real professional, and the teenagers who starred in the film tried not to fall face down in the mud.

A still from the film "The Adventures of Electronics"

After the release of the film on the screens, Vasily Modest, unexpectedly for himself, became famous. They recognized him on the streets, asked for an autograph, asked to take a joint photo. Those who were especially persistent were specially waiting for the young actor at the house or school where he studied, and many letters addressed to Makar Gusev came to the film studio.

A still from the film "School"

Vasily Modest got carried away and even at one time thought about becoming an actor, attended a theater school at the Odessa Film Studio, later starred in several projects: "School", "I am Khortytsya", "Third Dimension" and "Combats". But, the older Vasily got, the more clearly he understood: he needed a more serious profession.

And yet the sea

A still from the film "I am Khortytsya"

At first, he tried his hand at working as a lifeguard on the beach, then he was drafted into the army, where he got into the naval aviation. He could with the same probability of getting sick with both the sea and the sky, but the sea still turned out to be closer to the young man who was born and raised in Odessa.

A still from the film "Combats"

Demobilized, Vasily Modest entered the naval school and finally decided that he was ready to devote his whole life to the fleet. During his studies, he was completely delighted with the opportunity to go to sea on large ships during navigation. At that time, he no longer imagined himself in another profession. In one of his very few interviews, Vasily Modest admitted: during the filming of the film "The Adventures of Electronics" he did not have to play anyone.He just lived in the frame, portraying himself, a reckless freckled boy, a bit of a hooligan and sloven, who knew how to be friends.

Vasily Modest

For many years, the former Makar Gusev has been a long-distance boatswain on Ukrainian ships. He still lives in Odessa, but he goes sailing in different countries and on different continents, and is also passionately engaged in scuba diving. He really likes his profession, he is quite happy with his fate.

When journalists remember him, Vasily Modesty rarely agrees to give interviews. And least of all he is inclined to talk about his personal life. It is only known that the former actor has been happily married for many years.

Vasily Modest

When "The Adventures of Electronics" is shown on television, Vasily Modesty is happy to watch the film he knows by heart. And he regrets that at present there are very few such interesting films that are aimed at both children and adult audiences.

Once Vasily Modest, who turned 50 last year, was asked: if he were offered to play again Makar Gusev, who had just matured, would he give his consent to the shooting? And the serious boatswain, smiling embarrassedly, admitted: with great pleasure. And he complained that the sequel to the popular children's film has not yet been filmed …

The film "The Adventures of Electronics" with the participation of Vladimir and Yuri Torsuev was released in 1980, and the boys, similar to each other, like two drops of water, immediately became famous. After such a successful debut, it seemed that all the doors were open for the Torsuev brothers, but They failed to repeat their success in the cinema, and life kept throwing surprises on Yuri and Vladimir, and they were not always pleasant.

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