Why giraffes keep chandeliers: Ironic kitsch or outright bad taste from a fashionable sculptor
Why giraffes keep chandeliers: Ironic kitsch or outright bad taste from a fashionable sculptor

Can you imagine something slightly odd and flashy at the same time? Creative brainchild of a fashionable Italian designer and sculptor - Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, giraffes holding chandeliers in their teeth. Someone will say that this is bad taste, while someone will like a unique and original piece of furniture. So what is hiding behind the kitsch in the works of an ironic artist, subtle style or hack?

Kitsch now has a lot to see. He penetrated the stage, podium, city streets and our homes. Glitter, objects and colors that don't match. Eminent designers do not disdain kitsch, demonstrating the highest aerobatics of using vulgarity in haute couture.

It is believed that this word comes from the German "kitsch". Literally it means - vulgarity, trash, bad taste. Various weird things of mass production and mass use, whose functionality raises questions, but which so endlessly admire many of us, can be considered kitsch.

Kitsch reached its heyday in the fifties of the last century. Then the mass production of cheap plastic products began, which copied samples of fashion designers and various art objects. A common working man could not afford the original, it was too expensive. And no one ruled out problems with taste and sense of style. Kitsch perfectly masks the lack of aesthetics when the house is filled with an endless number of colorful things that distract attention to themselves.

Time does not stand still, everything flows, everything changes. The same goes for style. Now kitsch is an avant-garde style, a whole creative movement. He is attracted by openness, shocking, denial of all sorts of authorities and imaginary, immediately striking luxury. The main thing here is the balance, when an unusual style should not turn into hack.

Due to the widespread attention to this style, today it is a fine commercial item. Kitsch is exploited in art, design and media. This is an original style that does not copy something old, vulgarizing it, but creates a new one. Kitsch is ironic and subtle. He became an example of skillful design, emphasizing the high status of the owner.

If you have a couple of tens of thousands of dollars in stock, then giraffes with chandeliers can become an interior decoration in your home. They will surely spice up your home decor! This ingenious creation belongs to the designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. He called these works "Giraffe in Love". These chandeliers symbolize irony and lightness. "The giraffe is in love, but he still does not understand this, because his heart is too far from his head and he lives this love carefree," - so it says in the product description on the Marcantonio website.

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba Marcantonio called his creation "Giraffe in Love"

The designer himself was born in 1976 in Massalombarda, Italy. He graduated from the Art Institute and the Academy of Arts. Subsequently, he began to work in the theater as an artist-designer. Marcantonio often collaborates with many architects on their projects. The favorite theme of this talented sculptor is the connection between nature and man. He knows how to masterfully interpret the dynamics and beauty of nature.

These giraffe chandeliers are sure to bring any decor or garden to life They come in a variety of colors

His dreamy giraffes are an example of traditional methods in sculpture, combined with classic chandeliers, they create an unexpected effect.They not only function as lighting, but also look quite funny. Unusual sculptures can liven up and add zest to any interior. Giraffes come in a variety of sizes. The largest of them reaches four meters in height, which corresponds to the growth of a young giraffe and costs a lot - 40 thousand American dollars. So these giraffes not only look luxurious, but also stand out accordingly. For kitsch lovers, there is a modest sized plastic version in different colors. You can become a happy owner of it for only $ 540.

The largest, four-meter version of the giraffe costs 40 thousand dollars This is how it looks on the wall The wall version costs much more modest - about four thousand dollars

Marcantonio himself says this about his creation: “I imagined a fabulous scene. A dream: a chandelier hanging from the giraffe's mouth, as if by magic, illuminates the road, and the animal's head seems to be floating in the clouds. " The designer has other curious lamps as well. Such as a wild boar who saw through a chandelier or monkeys hanging from light bulbs. In the collection of his works there is a sculpture of a boy who holds a chandelier in his hands and carefully studies the play of light. The artist considers this work to be his embodiment.

Ironic sculptural sconce "What a boar!" All the mobility and dynamism of the movements of the monkeys in this lamp The artist considers this sculpture to be his embodiment

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