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10 naively candid street photos from the winners of the independent photographers competition
10 naively candid street photos from the winners of the independent photographers competition

In February of this year, the Independent Photographer magazine organized a photography competition on the theme of Street Photography. As you know, the most vivid are not staged shots, but shots taken by accident. Such photographs sometimes show the full depth of the meaning of human existence. They also demonstrate all the absurdity and irony of any situation. The best of the best are further in the review.

The best shots were chosen by the famous photographer Martin Parr. He is one of the most iconic contemporary photographers. A true chronicler of our time. Martin is best known for his iconic photography projects, which provide an intimate, satirical and anthropological perspective on aspects of modern life. In particular, Parr was involved in documenting the life of various social classes in England in order to show the "wealth of the Western world" in a broader sense.

The photographer has been a member of Magnum Photos since 1994, then President from 2013 to 2017. He has published about 40 solo photobooks and has participated in about 80 exhibitions around the world. Martin is also a frequent curator and editor. He has curated two photography festivals. Parr was Artistic Director of Rencontres d'Arles magazine in 2004.

1. Marcel Van Balken

"Renovation" - Dordogne, France

The car has obviously broken down. The figure under it looks funny. It is completely incomprehensible what she is doing. The woman may be trying to get the car repaired. Only her dog is not ready for a long wait, and she is not at all sure, judging by everything, what the mistress will do.

2. Joseph-Philippe Bevillard - II Prize

After Church Wedding - Wexford, Ireland, 2019

Ladies from the Irish travel community get together after church. Girls as young as three wear high heels. Excessive fake tan, false eyelashes, aggressive makeup and colorful evening dresses are striking.

Martin Parr said on this occasion: “This picture, taken at a traveller's wedding in Wexford, Ireland, really captures the atmosphere of such an event when everyone is in the right place. The woman on the left straightens her daughter's dress with a cigarette in her mouth - an exceptional phenomenon! All this against the background of marshmallow-pink dresses creates a simply unique image. This is the case when a difficult real life situation was turned into perfectly balanced images. Very often, a strong image is obtained from a fairly simple, ordinary situation. For me, the real challenge of street photography is to bring order to the chaos. It succeeded here."

3. Giuliano Lo Re

"Train to Jaipur" - India

People relax on the train from New Delhi to Jaipur. For several hours it becomes their home. Someone is resting on the seats and seems completely immersed in their thoughts, someone is brushing their teeth, someone is shaving or preparing their own food.

4. Monia Marchionni - III Prize

"Heavenly Gardens" - Cuba

In the summer, three generations of an Italo-Cuban family spend their time serenely in an old house overlooking the sea. Testimonial from The Independent Photographer Editors: “The theatrical and deeply expressive, impeccable image of Monia Marchionni eloquently conveys the eccentricity of family life. The photographer managed to capture the unique temperament of each character with rare clarity. The shot demonstrates how a seemingly commonplace scene can be transformed with the lens of an experienced street photographer.”

5. Orna Naor

"Children look into glass" - Bnei Brak, Israel, 2000

Children are bored just looking out the window. Glass must be decorated.

6. Carlos Antonorsi

Fantasy Alley - Hollywood Beach, Florida, USA, 2020

The play of shadows creates indescribable fantastic pictures, justifying the name.

7. Florian Lang - 1st Prize

Buddhist Roadside Temple - Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2020

People visit a Buddhist roadside temple in the center of Siem Reap. Review from Martin Parr: “One of the hallmarks of great street photography is to line up all the components. You want the messy objects and people in the background to give the shot a chance to breathe. In this image of a roadside Buddhist temple in Cambodia, everything is in place, and people are actually present in the frame. It's hard to find fault with any of the details in this picture, and I know how difficult it really is."

8. Lorenzo Caten

La comitiva - Paola, Calabria, Italy, 2020

"La comitiva" is an Italian term for a group of young people in close friendships. I met them by chance on the seashore and spent several evenings with them, documenting their daily activities on the rocky beaches of a small town in southern Italy."

9. Andrew Biraj

Shipyard Workers - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Workers at a shipyard along the Buriganga River on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

10. Suzanne Grether

"Training Session" - Varanasi, India, 2020

Here is probably the most exciting question: "What is the guy in the right corner doing?"

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