Winter futuristic photos of the capital of Kazakhstan, which are transferred to a fairy tale
Winter futuristic photos of the capital of Kazakhstan, which are transferred to a fairy tale

The city of Nur-Sultan, formerly Astana, is the capital of Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world. Also, this city ranks second among the coldest capitals on our Earth. The futuristic architecture of this city is simply amazing! Talented Polish photographer and lover of atmospheric photography, Patrick Beganski, took a series of magnificent landscape pictures of Nur-Sultan. Photos immerse the viewer in the incredibly magical atmosphere of a winter fairy tale.

In winter, temperatures in Nur-Sultan regularly reach less than -35 degrees Celsius. Patryk Biegański likes to walk around the city at night with a camera at the ready.

The city looks especially romantic at night

At night, the streets of the city are deserted and this gives the images taken with a special romanticism.

The beauty of Nur-Sultan is simply mesmerizing

Patrick's flight was delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions and he had another chance to admire the space, surreal landscapes of Nur-Sultan.

It was very cold, Patrick's hands were freezing, but he continued to shoot these wonderful cityscapes

The temperature that night was about -20 degrees Celsius and the photographer's hands were freezing. But the beauty of the night city was mesmerizing and he could not stop!

Mosque in Nur-Sultan

Strange but insanely beautiful buildings, burning candles of skyscrapers, a stunning mosque and huge palaces covered with thick fog and frost made Patrick feel like in a fairy tale. Futuristic and sometimes apocalyptic.

The futuristic buildings made the city look like the scenery of a sci-fi movie

Nur-Sultan is a very modern city. It became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1998.

The fog gave the cityscape an incredible atmosphere

The endless Kazakh steppes from time immemorial served as a place where different civilizations and cultures merged. The great historian Herodotus wrote about the route through the Great Steppe. Later it was called the Great Silk Road.

The buildings were covered with frost

Trade caravans passed along this route. This greatly contributed to the development of not only trade and crafts, but also culture. Traditionally, the livestock and agricultural region just flourished with a lush economic bloom.

The Great Silk Road once ran through this ultra-modern city

Five kilometers from the city of Nur-Sultan, archaeologists discovered the medieval settlement of Bozok. It can rightfully be considered the ancestor of the current capital of Kazakhstan.

Among this futuristic architecture, it is very difficult to imagine that once there was a Great Steppe

It was a fairly large trading city with an age of about a thousand years.

The city has already been renamed three times

In the thirties of the last century, in these steppes, on the site of the village of Akmola, the city of Akmolinsk arose. It was at that time a military and economic center.

Nur-Sultan is a leader in the innovative development of Kazakhstan

Later, under Nikita Khrushchev, in the sixties, the city, in honor of the development of virgin lands, was renamed Tselinograd.

The word “nur” in translation from Kazakh means “light”, and “sultan” means “power, ruler”

It returned its historical name only in 1992 of the 20th century. After the city acquired the status of the capital, it was renamed Astana.

Nur-Sultan is a large administrative center of Kazakhstan

The city received its current name on March 23, 2019 in honor of the first president of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Nazarbayev.

On March 23, 2019, the new President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, signed a decree to rename Astana in honor of the country's first president

So this ancient city of skilled craftsmen, skilled traders and hardworking grain growers became the center of state and cultural life, and a symbol of everything new and progressive in the country.

Nur-Sultan is a pearl in the steppe

You can shoot cityscapes so that the most familiar places are opened in a completely new way.

The skill of the photographer turns familiar places into a fairy tale

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