What attracts tourists to the tower in Sri Lanka, which is terribly even for daredevils to climb
What attracts tourists to the tower in Sri Lanka, which is terribly even for daredevils to climb

Ambuluwawa in Sri Lanka is perhaps the most terrifying of all the towers. Climbing it is not just creepy, but very creepy, because the closer you get to the top, the narrower the spiral staircase becomes. And you look down - and you see an abyss. And the low railings with a fairly large distance between the posts only add to the fear. However, the gorgeous views from this tower and the opportunity to take selfies in super-extreme conditions force even those who are afraid of heights to climb to the very top.

Fragment of the tower

The tower was built in 2006 specifically to attract tourists. It does not have a very record height - 48 meters, but the hill itself, on which it is located, rises at an altitude of 3567 m above sea level. The tower is surrounded by mountains and hills from all four cardinal directions. Here you can see, for example, the soaring Peak of Adam (Sri Pada), which is considered sacred.

Tower among mountain ranges

Even from afar, the tower attracts attention: it is snow-white in color and has a very unusual appearance. Someone compares it to an inverted corkscrew, someone - to an intricate musical instrument, and to someone it resembles a hookah. But in fact, the tower is built on the principle of a stupa (a cult Buddhist building).

This snow-white tower has a mesmerizing view

In general, of course, you can just take a picture of this tower or take a selfie in front of it. However, this is not what attracts thousands of tourists here …

You can get to Ambuluwawa from Kandy or Gampola. Thrill-seekers can experience them already at the entrance to the tower. Directly to this miraculous building, it is most convenient to drive up on a tuk-tuk (as the locals call a motorized rickshaw car), and sometimes during such a trip, landslides occur. Well, when you get to the place, you will need to gain strength. The ascent to the very top of the tower is long and steep and you need to be in good physical shape to overcome the entire path. Moreover, after all, you still have to go down!

Group selfie where it is not yet scary and narrow

At first, the spiral staircase is quite wide and comfortable to climb. However, the higher you climb, the stronger and more inevitably this "corridor" narrows. And now, finally, the moment comes when those who go upstairs cannot part with those who go downstairs. Fortunately, the designers have provided special niches in the wall, allowing oncoming people to pass each other.

This photo clearly shows how the tower narrows At the very top it becomes more difficult to get through, but it's worth it

The photos posted by travelers who have visited the very top are impressive and mesmerizing. Despite the strong wind and fear, all who have overcome the rise unanimously declare: it's worth it!

Having climbed here, no one has ever regretted it

If you manage to overcome the fear of heights, you can not only take some unique shots, but also admire the beauties of nature. The landscapes opening from the spiral staircase are simply incredible!

From the South rises Sri Pada, in the north - the Knuckles mountain range, from the West - Batalegala (Biblical Rock) and from the east - Mount Pidurutalagala. And if you find yourself on the tower on a clear and not foggy day, you can get a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges of Khantan, Hunnasgiriya and mountains in the Nuwara Eliya region.

The Tower offers gorgeous views Dizzying beauty

By the way, among the visitors to the tower there are a lot of those who are not afraid of the height at all. Some tourists even hang their legs down or pose for a selfie camera, squatting on the railing.

Height and spaciousness Pandemonium

Well, when you go downstairs, you can take a walk around the surroundings. Dozens of interesting plant species grow in these places. By the way, in the same year that the tower appeared here, this place was recognized as a biodiversity complex.

By the way, Ambuluwawa is considered the first multi-religious center in Sri Lanka. Here you can see buildings of different denominations - for example, a Christian temple and an Islamic mosque. This multi-denominational center has demonstrated from the outset the perfect harmony and unity that exists among the Sri Lankans.

Picturesque places of tolerance

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