10-year-old artist from the Russian provinces paints custom-made portraits of pets and helps street animals
10-year-old artist from the Russian provinces paints custom-made portraits of pets and helps street animals

Pasha Abramov from the Russian city of Arzamas is known in many parts of the world. One day he took a brush and paints in his hands and began to draw cats and dogs. The child decided to help stray animals. But how? Very simple. With the money he received from the portraits, he began to buy food and other things necessary for cats and dogs. And then, together with his mother, Pavel launched a whole charitable project - "Art Pate".

Within the framework of the Kind Brush project, the young artist accepts orders for portraits from owners of cats and dogs from anywhere in the world. To do this, just go to his website and attach a photo of your animal in a special form, while the picture should be of good quality and, if possible, the pet should be depicted on it from different angles.

In the pictures are Piper and Peanuts, and the owner Alison ordered the portraits

The portrait does not have a specific price - after the work is completed, the customer is sent a photograph of the painting, and the owner of the animal himself determines whether he needs to pay the minimum cost or more than this amount.

And Russian cat and dog owners often donate dog or cat food or essentials for their work.

A boy from Arzamas came up with a large-scale project to help animals

When information about Pasha and his kind project got on the Internet, orders from all over the world flew to him. The boy is asked to paint portraits of both living and deceased pets. His works have already flown to America, Norway, Puerto Rico and other parts of the world. The pet owners are very pleased: the memory of the four-legged friend will remain forever, and he did a good deed.

Pamela and Bailey from the USA Portrait of the cat Joe

As the boy's mother said, this year the Kind Brush action has turned into an international movement to help animals from shelters. One and a half hundred paintings have already been sent to 15 countries, and about a thousand more orders are waiting in line. Thanks to this action, Pasha and his associates managed to get more than 3 thousand kilograms of food, medicines, hygiene items for animals, household appliances and other things necessary for the operation of shelters, as well as a large amount of money, which will also go to help animals.

The cute portraits are popular with cat and dog owners

Now the project is helping animals from the “Life” shelter located in Arzamas, the “Happy Dog” shelter from Vladimir, as well as from other similar institutions in different cities of Russia. In addition, Paul's project is also sterilizing animals.

The owners are very happy to receive portraits of their pets while helping stray animals

Meanwhile, Pavel comes up with more and more ways to support homeless cats and dogs, explaining that he really likes to benefit the world around him. The boy rallied caring children and adults around him. Anyone can realize their desire to help in Pavel's art workshop, which he and his parents opened in his hometown. The whole family can look into the unusual space "Art-Pate": a variety of events, including educational ones, are held here. All of them are aimed at helping animals.

Pavel, with the support of his family, creates many volunteer actions

And stray cats have found shelter in this studio room, so that visitors can also enjoy interacting with cute graceful animals. Pavel and his mother pick them up on the street, provide their treatment and vaccinations, and then put the cats in good hands.

You can come here just to pet the cats Young artist at work

The boy also infected his classmates with his enthusiasm - they also gladly help him in good deeds.

Pasha's story appeared on the pages of the second volume of the book "Fairy Tales of Hero-Children". It tells about the courageous and kind deeds of children from all over Russia. In the book, you can read about fascinating stories of animal rescue or other great deeds, and after each such tale, factual information about a real heroic child is posted. Thus, young readers understand that great things are accomplished not only in fairy tales, and everyone is capable of a heroic deed.

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