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What to look for when choosing interior doors
What to look for when choosing interior doors
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The hallmark of the house is the entrance doors, by which you can immediately assume the character, financial situation and life priorities of the owner. Most often today, reliable and beautiful metal doors play this role, but interior doors, which are one of the main elements of internal interior design, are different.

The main differences between interior doors

Modern interior doors are made from different materials. Their choice is so great that many owners of apartments and houses cannot settle for a particular option for a long time. Therefore, those who have started repair work should keep in mind that interior doors should correspond to the general style of the room and be in harmony with its other details.

In addition, it is important to know that doors are divided into several types:

- single-floor (from one solid sheet) and double-floor (from two sheets) structures. The first option is more common because it is fairly easy to install and use;

- double-deck options are more suitable for wide doorways. There are also one-and-a-half structures, consisting of two canvases of different sizes.

- there are also hinged and sliding doors, or compartments. The second option is considered more original and convenient. It allows you to significantly save space, therefore it is especially relevant for small apartments.

What is the difference between a panel and a cutter

Depending on the manufacturing technology of the leaf, the interior doors are divided into milled and paneled doors.

Paneled structures are a solid frame on which shields (so-called panels) are held from solid wood, MDF or plywood. Due to their construction, such doors provide the widest possible design and decoration possibilities. Despite the fact that the structure consists of several interconnected elements, it is quite strong. The fact is that very rigid materials are used to assemble the canvas.

Unlike paneled, milled products consist of a single piece of cloth, decorated with a relief pattern or pattern. In such variants, the lines of the decorative pattern inside the leaf effectively hide the protruding elements of the decoration, which makes the aesthetic qualities of the doors higher. Another advantage of the milled options is their high stability and form strength. They are also resistant to moisture and mechanical stress, which makes this part of the room more durable. The milled products receive their qualities as a result of special processing, during which the canvas is covered with a high-tech film that preserves the structure and natural color of the tree.

Some rules for buying interior doors

When purchasing interior doors in the store, remember that the kit includes not only the fabric of the product itself, but also the door frame, platbands, threshold, capital, selected timber, fittings. There is also a feigned bar in the double-sided versions.

The installation of door leaves must be done at the final stage of the repair, after all the dirty work has been completed that can stain and damage them. And before you go to the store, you need to measure the height and width of all doorways, as well as count the total number of doors.This data will help the store manager to choose the right option.

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