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Modern quality criteria when choosing housing in new buildings
Modern quality criteria when choosing housing in new buildings
Modern quality criteria when choosing a residential complex

An increasing number of citizens, when choosing housing, pay attention to new buildings - modern residential complexes equipped with maximum comfort. To make a choice, you can look at new buildings near the Novocherkasskaya metro station, as well as other offers on specialized sites. But this is often not enough. Many simply do not know what this or that developer is, what conditions for the acquisition they offer, what can be obtained after purchasing real estate in a residential complex. That is why, when choosing, it is necessary to rely on certain criteria.

Social infrastructure

First of all, when choosing a new building or a residential complex, you need to pay attention to its location, as well as the cost per square meter. If everything suits you in this respect, you should pay attention to the features of the infrastructure. There must be all the necessary objects near the residential complex:

  • transport;
    • social;

  • trading;
    • entertaining.

    Residents of smaller projects need to rely on nearby schools, kindergartens and clinics. A number of developers on their websites describe the project in detail, and also indicate at what distance residential areas are from them. At the same time, it is important to clarify when this or that social infrastructure facility will be commissioned. A large amount of data of this nature can be found on the official websites of district administrations.

    Transport accessibility

    If the person who buys real estate, it is essential to get from home to work and to any other object by public transport, it is advisable to give preference to new buildings that are within walking distance of the metro station or bus stop.

    At the same time, you should be prepared for the fact that, on average, housing located within transport accessibility from the main infrastructure facilities costs about 10% more than real estate in remote areas.

    Completion date of the object

    Many citizens, wanting to save money, contribute money for real estate during the construction phase. This is a rather risky undertaking, as many developers are known to simply freeze construction sites. To prevent such a risk, it is worth examining the developer's reputation, reading reviews, and consulting with real estate specialists.

    In addition, when purchasing such real estate, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will be possible to move into it only after a certain time, as is the case, measured in years. If it is not possible to live somewhere at this time, to rent an apartment, you will need to pay attention to already rented or customizable houses. In this case, the cost of real estate will also be more expensive by about 30%.

    For some buyers it is very important that after moving into a new apartment they are not disturbed by noise, so that there is no debris from finishing work. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to residential complexes and new buildings, which are already being rented out with finishing.

    Additional nuances

    After the house is put into operation, the owners very often decide to carry out redevelopment there. Regardless of whether it will be carried out independently or with the help of specialized companies, you need to contact specialists who will tell you which walls in the apartment are load-bearing.It is advisable to do this even before purchasing real estate, since the presence of load-bearing walls in certain places can spoil plans for future redevelopment and renovation of the apartment.

    It is equally important to pay attention to the ergonomics of the future living space. It is advisable to give preference to such modern apartments, which have a place for arranging a pantry, dressing room, and so on. In this case, the owner will be able to make the most of the living space.


    Having understood what you need to pay attention to when choosing an apartment, you can go to the review site, where the most relevant options for real estate in new buildings are presented to your attention. By studying the information provided, the user will be able to form his own unbiased opinion regarding developers and residential complexes. You can find out what those who are already at the stage of considering a purchase or have already purchased housing in one or another modern residential complex are saying.

    On the portal you can see the graphs of price changes. They will give an idea of ​​what time it is better to buy an apartment and what generally happens to the prices of the selected developer in each residential complex. Attention is drawn to the dynamics of the average cost and the change in prices per square meter in direct proportion to the area of ​​the apartment. Thanks to this, you can make the choice of an expensive purchase as reasonably and profitably as possible.

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