Islamic preacher proposes to destroy the Egyptian pyramids
Islamic preacher proposes to destroy the Egyptian pyramids
Islamic preacher proposes to destroy the Egyptian pyramids

Ibrahim al-Kendari, an Islamic preacher from Kuwait, proposed to destroy the pyramids and the statue of the Sphinx. This became known from the Egyptian edition of Al-Watan. According to the preacher, Muslims should follow in this undertaking the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who at one time destroyed all the idols in Mecca. Ibrahim al-Kendari, in his appeal, emphasized that the fact that the early Muslims, having come to Egypt, did not destroy the symbols of the era of the pharaohs does not mean that they should not be destroyed now.

The fact that today the pyramids are monuments of history, architecture and culture does not seem to bother the preacher at all. Moreover, during one of his appeals, he even focused his attention on this, saying that the pyramids should be destroyed, despite the fact that they are not the object of a cult.

It is noteworthy that earlier Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State group, called for such actions of Muslims. The leader of the terrorist group called the destruction of these monuments a "religious duty" of Muslims.

Recall that just a few days ago it became known about the destruction of the ancient city of Nimrud by IS militants. The legacy of the Assyrian civilization from the 13th century BC was completely destroyed by bulldozers. It is worth noting that during the operation of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, archaeological work was carried out in Nimrud.

Scientists managed to find many burials, as well as ancient artifacts: jewelry, dishes, and other household items. This event shocked scientists around the world, according to historians, the destruction of Nimrud was a tangible blow to the cultural heritage of mankind, comparable in its harm to the destruction of the Buddha statue by the Taliban in Bamiyan province in Afghanistan in 2001. Unfortunately, the destruction of ancient artifacts by IS militants in the controlled territory has become a sad practice. At the end of February, a video appeared on the network in which terrorists destroyed a collection of artifacts.

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