The multimedia musical "Seven Notes" will open the "Circle of Light" festival in Moscow on September 20
The multimedia musical "Seven Notes" will open the "Circle of Light" festival in Moscow on September 20
The multimedia musical "Seven Notes" will open the "Circle of Light" festival in Moscow on September 20

The press service of the Circle of Light festival has published a message stating that this Moscow international festival will open on September 20. The opening place of this event will be the Rowing Canal. On this day, guests of the event will be able to see a multimedia musical called "Seven Notes" here.

The report of this prestigious material says that this time the organizers decided to slightly change the usual geometry of the festival site of the Moscow Rowing Canal. They decided to take such a step in order to significantly expand the viewing area. It was decided to build a special arc over the canal. Such a structure will connect the two banks, and it will also act as a tool for light and fire effects, and turn into a screen for video projections.

More than a hundred burners and more than two hundred fountains will be located on the water of the Rowing Canal during the festival. Water-fan screens will be placed on its water surface, which will help the heroes of the productions of this festival to visually bring them closer to the audience.

This international festival in Moscow will last for five days. The organizers decided to place a projection screen on Teatralnaya Square, which will combine the facades of the Bolshoi Theater, RAMT and Maly Theater. For these purposes, special vertical planes will be used. This screen will be used for a video mapping show called "Spartacus" and a light novel dedicated to an important event - "The Year of Theater". Guests of the event will also be able to see here the works that took part in the final of the prestigious international competition called "Art Vision".

This time the festival will affect the Polytechnic Museum and Ostankino Park. Guests of Ostankino Park will be able to see fourteen video projection and light installations. The Polytechnic Museum decided to tell the history of the museum itself, as well as to tell about the importance of scientific and technological progress.

The Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve will turn into a real magical forest with a large number of architectural and landscape three-dimensional installations. On September 22, this reserve will host a concert by Dmitry Malikov, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Spectators will be able to see a show called "A Space Odyssey" on the facade of the Victory Museum. The façade of this building will also show the performances that were shown last year, dedicated to Moscow and the military history of the entire country.

Spectators will be able to visit all sites absolutely free. It should be noted that some of the sites can only be accessed with prior registration.

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