International competition "Amber Nightingale" in Kaliningrad brought together vocalists from 16 countries
International competition "Amber Nightingale" in Kaliningrad brought together vocalists from 16 countries
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On Monday, October 8, the opening of the International V. Zara Dolukhanova, which is called "Amber Nightingale". The peculiarity of this competition is that the program includes only works of the chamber vocal repertoire. Both professionals and young performers compete for the prestigious award. This time performers from sixteen countries arrived in Kaliningrad.

The international competition "Amber Nightingale" has been held for the 11th time and this time 150 vocalists from Armenia, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Moldova, the United States of America, Uzbekistan and other countries will take part in it. This time it is not just a festival, but an event dedicated to the centenary of Zara Dolukhanova, People's Artist of the USSR, who was also called the queen of the chamber repertoire.

The closing of the international competition will take place on October 14. During it winners will be determined in two categories. Separate awards will be given to the best professional vocalist and young performer. In addition to the amber statuette of a nightingale, these winners will also receive a monetary award in the amount of 200 thousand Russian rubles.

During the competition, a special award will be presented. It will be given to the vocalist who is best able to perform the romance included in Dolukhanova's repertoire. A separate prize will be awarded to the accompanist and teachers who train the vocalists who have come to the competition. Each participant of the eleventh vocal competition will receive the "Great Nightingale Encyclopedia". This is a unique publication, which tells about all the previous competitions "Amber Nightingale". From it you can find out about all the participants in each competition and the winners. It should be noted that many of them today perform on the best stages in different countries of the world, work in famous philharmonic societies and opera houses.

"Amber Nightingale" is an international competition created especially for vocalists. It was first held in Kaliningrad in 1992. The current competition is already 11 and it was organized thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Kaliningrad region. In addition to competitions between vocalists, during the competition, concerts and master classes from members of the jury are held, reports are read and lectures on chamber performance are given.

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