The Russian Museum presented about 500 icons from the Time of Troubles to the Petrine era
The Russian Museum presented about 500 icons from the Time of Troubles to the Petrine era
The Russian Museum presented about 500 icons from the Time of Troubles to the Petrine era

On February 21, an exhibition was opened at the St. Petersburg State Russian Museum, which presents numerous icons, as well as various items of church utensils created in the 17th century. This exhibition takes place in the Benois Wing. In total, about five hundred icons are presented to visitors. Among them there is an icon, which was damaged due to a leak in the roof of the Mikhailovsky Palace.

Irina Sosnovtseva, Senior Researcher of the Department of Old Russian Art, said that they decided to give the exhibition the name "Autumn of the Russian Middle Ages." She also talked about the existence of a book with a similar title, which was written by Johan Heizingi, a philosopher and historian of their Holland. In it, he talks about a very important period in art, during the transition from the Middle Ages to the New Age.

The writer considered this period in art not to be wilting, but a period of lush fruiting. It reads well in his description of the Burgundian court, its luxury, beauty and refinement. Viewers will see all this at the icon exhibition in St. Petersburg. The art critic reminds that scientists consider the art of the 17th century to be the highest point of ancient Russian art.

Icons occupy an important place in the exposition. Here visitors will see images of saints that were created by craftsmen during the reign of Mikhail Fedorovich, who after the Time of Troubles took the throne and became the first tsars from the Romanov family. These times are famous for unique gold sewing workshops, wonderful products of the Stroganov icon-painting workshops, monuments created in those days before the beginning of the reign of Peter I, as well as in the first years of his reign.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able not only to see frescoes, icons, as well as other works of art, but also to compare products of the same time, but created by masters of different cultural centers of that time - Moscow, Pskov, Pomorie, Novgorod, Yaroslavl. Sosnovtseva draws attention to the fact that by looking closely, you can see a more archaic style in the works that were created in the northern regions. Elements of the influence of European culture are already visible in the works of masters from the central regions. All works created by masters in the 17th century stand out for their splendor, abundance of details, richness of decoration.

All exhibits of the exhibition "Autumn of the Russian Middle Ages" are the property of the Russian Museum. It was decided to show at the exhibition the icon “The Miracles of the Mother of God of Tikhvin”, recently damaged by the collapsed plaster. It was restored in a short time by the restorers, since this trouble occurred in the restoration workshop. The exhibition will be open to the public until May 13.

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