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30 colorful street art works from different parts of the world
30 colorful street art works from different parts of the world
30 colorful street art works from different parts of the world

We have collected 30 stunning and diverse street art works from around the world, each of which is a small masterpiece.

1. Street art artist Oakoak, France

A humorous intervention at a gatehouse in France

2. Graffiti by Paulo Ito, Brazil

Graffiti from a Brazilian soccer fan

3. Street art commentary by Paulo Ito, Brazil

Commentary on the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

4. Soaring tree by Mario Shu and Daniel Siering, Germany

Mega-creative invention of the creative duo Mario Shu and Daniel Siering

5. Best Hopare Street Art in Casablanca, Morocco

Street art painted by Hopar on a street in Casablanca

6. Graffiti by Eduardo Kobra, Sweden

Original street art on the streets of Buros

7. Street art portrait from Anarkia, Spain

Street art from Anarkia in Linares, Spain

8. Duet of street artists Pichi and Avo, Spain

Spanish street art duo Pichi and Avo have created an image from ancient Greek mythology

9. Street artists Pichi and Avo from Spain

Original street art by Pichi and Avo, Greece

10.3-D artist Joe Hill

Street art from the talented artist Joe Hill

11. Colorful portrait by David Walker

Drawing by David Walker at the Art Festival, Oberville, France

12. Oakoak street art in France

Humorous street art on the sidewalk

13. Street art from C214

Urban sreet art in Paris, France

14. Imitation of nature by David de la Mano (Davida de la Mano)

Man and nature in a street drawing by David de la Mano, Soriano, Uruguay

15. Marine Adventures from Jim Vision

Street art in New York by Jim Vision

16. Portrait of Albert Einstein by Owen Dippie

Street art known both in Tauranga, New Zealand and far beyond by artist Owen Dippie

17. House facade in Montpellier by Patrick Commecy

Painted house facade by mural artist Patrick Commecy

18. The Elephant Traveler by Shaun Burner

Sean Berner's street art from London, England

19. Art by street artist Banksy

British street artist Banksy continues to provoke the emotions of residents and visitors of Cheltenham, England

20. Feathered street art artist L7m

Street art by Brazilian artist Luis Seven Martins or L7m in Guarda, Portugal

21. Graffiti by Sqon

Creative street art by Sqon on a haystack

22. Urban sreet art by Seth

Street art by art bully Seth, Seth is a nickname, and the author's name is Julien Malland

23. Window-camera from Collettivo FX

Collettivo FX art in Palermo, Italy

24. Children of the Night City by Seth

Street art by Julien Malland

25. Deih Graffiti

The art of the Spanish student Deih in Valencia, Spain

26. Periscope by Klister-Peter

An optical observation device from a hideout from the artist Klister-Peter in Stockholm, Sweden

27. Pejac's Web

Spectacular street art by Spanish artist Pejac in Salamanca, Spain

28. The Art of Be Free

Witty street art in Melbourne, Australia

29. Street art by an unknown artist

Lovers by an unknown artist in Chorley, England

30. Street art by an unknown artist

Urban sreet art

The skill of street art artists is so great that their better works are becoming tourist attractions. We have prepared an overview of street art masterpieces from some cities in Russia and Ukraine.

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