Shamanokats and forgotten gods: incredibly beautiful miniatures from an artist from Russia
Shamanokats and forgotten gods: incredibly beautiful miniatures from an artist from Russia
ShamanCats & ForgottenGods: miniatures from Uralga Nord

A young artist from Ryazan creates absolutely stunning miniatures on stones, ceramics and glass. Her images of shaman cats and space inhabitants fascinate and attract with their otherworldly beauty. The artist's style is very peculiar and easily recognizable, besides, once seeing these wonderful works, it is difficult to forget about them - they are so magical and attractive.

Snow messengers and kefir Miniatures from Uralga Nord Shamanokot White initiation

Uralga Nord (also known as Daimahtri) has been painting miniatures for more than five years, and today, according to the author, this is her constant occupation at any time of the year and day, a matter to which she gives herself completely and without a trace. Due to the alternation of layers of painting with layers of varnish, the image on the miniatures seems volumetric, as if the whole universe was hidden inside a stone, a story, only a part of which the viewer can see. All the plots and images Uralga creates herself: first in the form of drawings, later the process of transferring the image to stones can often be seen on her Instagram.

A spirit of comfort and forgiveness Alien in the Fog III A November tale full of melancholy Phlegmatic Beasts Miniature on stone Alien in the Fog II Miniatures from Uralga Nord

Uralga Nord never works to order, preferring to let the images come to her themselves in moments of inspiration, while buyers can always find ready-made works that they like. This approach allows the artist to maintain her unique style and not stop developing her technique. Finished works are on average 4 to 8 cm, and due to the fact that the artist works most often with varnishes and oil paints, which require a certain time to dry, painting one workpiece lasts an average of 7-10 days.

White in the snow In shades of green Shamanocats Miniatures from an artist from Russia Layered stone drawing Unique jewelry from Uralga Nord Good God Don't Panic III Alien from outer space Blooming Maya Stunning jewelry from Uralga Nord Miniatures from a Russian artist

Another approach to stone painting was taken French artist - he decided to combine traditional stone painting with modern graphics and paints stones with waterproof markers.

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