Photos of a lion that has become a full-fledged pet
Photos of a lion that has become a full-fledged pet
The lion sleeps in the kitchen at the home of actress Tippy Hedren

American actress Tippy Hedren kept a real lion at home in the 70s. This unusual neighborhood was filmed on camera for almost 10 years - but the film, alas, turned out to be a commercial failure. But many photos have survived, which capture the life of a lion in an ordinary house.

Leo plays with the son of the actress Leo sleeps with Melanie Griffith

The famous American actress Tippy Hedren, after a trip to Africa with her daughter Melanie Griffith and husband Noel Marshall, decided to make a film about large predators. The trainer advised her to live next to the animal in order to better understand its character. After that, the actress settled a huge lion in her home.

Lion in the living room Leo looks into the refrigerator

Photographer Michael Rougier has chronicled this unusual neighborhood. Leo felt very at ease in the house - he slept in bed with Melanie, climbed onto Noel's desk. I slept in the middle of the kitchen like a real cat and went swimming in the pool with all the family members. Video materials formed the basis for the film "Roar" - filming lasted about 10 years.

The lion is resting by the pool

On the production of the picture was spent $ 17 million - and the box office was only $ 2 million. The Roar movie was recognized as the most expensive in the history of home cinema.

Lion on Noel's desk

Lev Togar is not the only predator who lived in the actress's house. She had other tigers and Lviv, and then created a large sanctuary for large representatives of the feline family who grew up in captivity.

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