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Opening the veil of secrecy over the fate of "Russian Rambo": The family tragedy of actor Alexander Dedyushko
Opening the veil of secrecy over the fate of "Russian Rambo": The family tragedy of actor Alexander Dedyushko

12 years ago, life was tragically interrupted Russian actor Alexander Dedyushko. As a result of a terrible accident, his wife Svetlana and his eight-year-old son Dima died with him. Fans called the artist "Russian Rambo", "Guy of Steel", "Real Man", and also the superman of domestic action films. A great future awaited him in cinema. But … in the late evening of November 3, 2007, on the 109th kilometer of the Moscow-Ufa highway, his Toyota unexpectedly flew into the oncoming lane and crashed into a loaded truck. The car caught fire … No one survived.

Experts and those who knew Dedyushko well are still wondering how a superman, an ace driver with 27 years of experience, could have had a ridiculous accident? Why the actor was not careful. Indeed, in the car were the closest ones and relatives - beloved wife and little son. The reasons were different then. Bad weather, ice, car malfunction … Up to the point that the actor just fell asleep at the wheel. But many agreed: a mystical "blow from nowhere" sent Alexander and his family to the next world …

The Dedyushko family

Turning the pages of the actor's biography

Alexander Dedyushko is a famous Russian actor

Alexander Dedyushko was born on May 20, 1962 in the Belarusian city of Volkovysk. His mother, working as a salesman, raised him with his older brother alone. The boys did not remember their father, they knew only one thing - he was very fond of drinking. His mother left him, despite the fact that with two children in her arms it was, oh, how difficult it was. And since Sashka was a very nimble, agile boy, she sent her son to a choreographic circle, where he danced folk dances. In addition, the boy was seriously fond of sports. He especially loved to play football and played for the school in literally all kinds of sports. And during the summer holidays, Sashka did not part with the horses.

From the age of six, his mother sent him to the village in the summer - she put one on the train, and he went to visit his relatives. There he rested and worked. With the village boys he mowed hay, stacked haystacks, weeded beets, grazed cows, for which he was paid a little. But most of all, the city boy liked to look after the horses.

Alexander Dedyushko in his youth

In high school, he began to seriously dream of a theatrical education. He took part in the performances of the school drama club, during skits he perfectly recited poetry, and later made his debut in the role of Andrei Bolkonsky when staging an excerpt from Tolstoy's novel War and Peace. Since then, Sasha literally began to dream of theater. Therefore, after graduating from school, our hero decided to enter the acting department.

Having received a certificate and earning some money for a ticket, the provincial boy went to conquer Moscow. But, unfortunately, our hero was late with the submission of documents to the theater institute. And he had to work as a car mechanic for a year. Ironically, he was late the next year: due to the Olympic Games in 1980, the admission schedules to the country's universities were significantly shifted.

Alexander Dedyushko. Photo from the service

In the fall, the future actor was mobilized to the Baltic Fleet. Dedyushko recalled that time. After returning from service, he again went to Moscow. Having twice failed the exams at theatrical universities, he got a job as a physical worker at the ZIL plant. And the next summer I went to Gorky (now Nizhniy Novgorod), where, in the end, he became a student at a theater school.

Alexander Dedyushko is an aspiring theater actor

Tatiana Tsygankova, director of the Gorky educational institution, spoke about Alexander Dedyushko as a student in her memoirs:

Lyudmila Tomilina

Wedding photos of Alexander Dedyushko with Lyudmila Tomilina

Alexander met his first wife Lyudmila Tomilina within the walls of the school when he was submitting documents for admission. Later Dedyushko spent a lot of time trying to win the girl's favor. - Tomilina said with a smile, remembering those years. And the actor himself said: “.

Alexander Dedyushko with Lyudmila Tomilina

A year later, the wedding was played, and soon the first test awaited the young aspiring actors. Alexander continued to study, and Lyudmila, after graduating from school, found work at the Yaroslavl Theater. Living in different cities, the couple hoped that soon Alexander would also get a job in this theater, but this did not happen. Dedyushko had to work for six months on the stage in Minsk. After which he decided to move to Vladimir in order to be closer to his wife. In the local theater, he played six seasons, mainly, being involved in the main roles, which, accordingly, added self-confidence to the actor.

Alexander Dedyushko with his daughter

Mystical coincidence

Alexander Dedyushko

After five years of separate family life, Tomilina gave birth to a daughter, Ksenia. However, very soon, a divorce loomed over the spouses in a black cloud. The baby was not even two years old when Alexander, during his next visit to his wife, admitted that he fell in love with another. he told her. - answered Lyudmila, and my heart ached and sank to unbearable pain. He closed the door behind him, and it slid to the floor, and a frozen gaze rested on the dial of the wall clock. The clock was 22.15, the calendar was November 3.

Exactly 15 years later, day in, day out, almost minute in minute, the woman received a message about the death of her ex-husband in a terrible accident. The same dial and calendar sheet immediately surfaced in front of her. It is difficult to say whether this is mysticism or not, but fate wanted him to leave her for the second time on that very day. Now forever …

To the top of fame

Alexander Dedyushko

At the age of 33, Alexander Dedyushko again went to conquer the capital. Got a job at the Moscow Art Theater to Oleg Efremov. But the work in the theater did not work out. After working there for two seasons, Dedyushko left the troupe, not seeing any prospects. Interrupting earnings from filming in advertising and third-rate TV shows, the actor tried with all his might to stay afloat. By the way, all this time he was still engaged in his body, keeping it in excellent shape.

The first major film role was the series "Directory of Death". In the late 1990s, the time was really dashing, the time of series about power structures began on Russian television, and the texture of Alexander Dedyushko came in handy.

Alexander Dedyushko as a Zaporozhye Cossack

Thanks to good athletic training, Alexander was one of the few Russian actors who performed complex stunts without an understudy, which was very, very appreciated by the directors who were filming action films.

Svetlana Chernyshkova

With his wife Svetlana

In his second marriage with actress Svetlana Chernyshkova, the hero of Russian action movies was really happy. He met an aspiring actress in Vladimir, where he went from Moscow to his friends to celebrate the New Year 1997. Later, she recalled her acquaintance with her future husband this way:

And Dedyushko, in turn, conquered by the girl, later recalled:

Alexander Dedyushko with his wife Svetlana and son

The marriage of Svetlana and Alexander was extreme. The actress was expecting a child when Alexander decided to formalize their relationship. But neither in Moscow nor in Vladimir was there an opportunity to speed up the registration of marriage. And then the actors went to put stamps in their passports to a remote village in the Vladimir region, and on a passing KamAZ, where they officially became husband and wife in the local village council within an hour.

Family of Alexander Dedyushko

The couple lived together for eight happy years. When giving interviews, the spouses admitted that they did not do anything special to save the family - they just lived for each other and for their common son Dima. By the way, the scion of the acting family began to actively act in films.In one of the joint films, the boy played the role of his father's son, and Svetlana played the role of his wife's friend.

Alexander Dedyushko with his son Dima

However, as often happens in happy families, the family idyll collapses due to human envy. It did not bypass the Dedyushko family either. The reason for the family showdown was the popularity of Dedyushko and his participation in the "Dancing with the Stars" project. Evil tongues of ill-wishers began to ascribe to the actor an affair with a dance partner. The press was literally full of headlines: "A popular actor had an affair with Liana Shakurova."

Alexander Dedyushko in the project Dancing with the Stars

Every evening, unpleasant conversations took place in the Dedyushko family. Sveta suspected her husband of treason, and he swore that he loved only her. Close actresses poured oil on the fire, from the very beginning they met with hostility a poor son-in-law, who was 15 years older than their daughter, and tried with all their might to break their marriage. Even the birth of Dima's grandson did not melt their hearts.

Alexander Dedyushko is a Russian actor

Alexander's nerves at that time were at their limit. The busy schedule made itself felt: participation in the project, the premiere in the theater, shooting in the film "Albanian-2". It was this role that was supposed to become a new step in the career of an actor, he was given the opportunity to reveal his talent from a completely new side … In addition, he was so tired of the constant clarification of relations with his wife and her sister, who by that time had moved to live with them and tried in every possible way kindle enmity between spouses.

Together forever

The actor left home shortly before the accident, said to calm down. He rented an apartment from one of his friends and rarely spoke with his wife. At the same time, Dedyushko himself and his partner steadfastly continued to keep a "blank defense": all conversations about close relations between them were resolutely suppressed. And on that ill-fated November day, the actor decided to talk to Svetlana and make up. They were returning from Vladimir to Moscow by car. Dedyushko hurried to the Belorussky railway station to meet his mother and cousin.

Alas, no one will ever know whether Sasha and Sveta made up then or left with a stone in their hearts …

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