Joint handmade project
Joint handmade project

I've always wanted to create some very romantic collection. I thought for a very long time and pondered what exactly and how I want to do. An absolutely random acquaintance with the wonderful girl Asem came to the rescue. She's an aspiring designer here in Prague, and she's just wonderful at drawing. And our tastes for jewelry seemed to coincide. And so, through trial and error, our collection of spring jewelry "Ladida" came out.

This is how they turned out, our Ladies. In my opinion, very gentle and sunny.

A little more I boast of my sweet achievements. Now only the lazy didn’t make sweets from plastic. I just wanted to do something sweet and unusual. Fortunately, a wonderful customer came across, who gave free rein to my hands and imagination and it turned out first a ring, and then a bracelet to it.

I made the bracelet simpler so as not to overload the thin handle =)

Both the client and I are happy. I hope you like it too =)

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