A duo of artists creates gloomy graffiti about the pressing problems of humanity
A duo of artists creates gloomy graffiti about the pressing problems of humanity
Lady of the Beasts. Author: Herakut

Contemporary art does not stand still and the creative duo is a clear proof of this. A couple of artists from Germany, who have joined forces, create unimaginable masterpieces in a variety of directions. Not limiting themselves to just drawings, they show the world stunning street art, sculptures and even photographs, looking at which you are speechless.

The two artists began to create together at the moment when they realized that their work should become something more than a simple manifestation of thoughts and feelings. Talented individuals, they merged their ideas together, became an integral duet, whose works win hearts from the first viewing.

Childhood cruelty. Author: Herakut The true face of France. Author: Herakut Mother nature. Author: Herakut Modern mermaid. Author: Herakut

The favorite style of artists is street art - the art of street graffiti on the walls of houses and other comfortable surfaces. They decorate destroyed or old, dilapidated brickwork, turning them into real works of art. When you walk through the city, you so want your eyes to come across something other than concrete, empty blocks. Therefore, Herakut took up brushes and other devices, bringing a little variety to the familiar and meager city face.

Beauty is not in proportion. Author: Herakut Spirits are among us. Author: Herakut Unbridled holiday fun.Author: Herakut The animal spirit of humanity. Author: Herakut

A certain magnetism and soul is felt in their works. They, as a rule, depict invented characters, whose eyes are filled with a certain thoughtfulness and sadness, longing. Here is a little boy in a shabby vest holding a baby elephant in his arms. Who is he, where is he from and why does he squeeze his pet so anxiously? All the works of the star couple are saturated with nostalgia and love for our smaller brothers. So, a young mother carefully surrounds the kids with her warmth and care, while their hats and hair look like the enchanting eyes of peacock tails, which shimmer in shades and tones. There is a touching bambi girl in a deer hat, hugging a small, frightened deer to her, and even a bird girl, whose eyes are full of fatigue and some kind of endless beauty.

Caring for generations. Author: Herakut The hardships of war through the years. Author: Herakut Little Red Riding Hood. Author: Herakut

Thus, the artists themselves are trying to show that the world is not only multifaceted and diverse, much more extensive than we are used to seeing it, but also saturated with other, more subtle matters. So, caring for animals, homeless people and those that are dying out is the main motive of their creativity. Both artists are concerned about the future of our small planet, what will become of our smaller brothers and whether they will also frown funny after us and follow the world with wide-open, trusting eyes and smiling faces that are always turned forward, towards the beautiful.

The monsters are inside us. Author: Herakut My favorite pet. Author: Herakut Brother rooster. Author: Herakut Spirits of Africa. Author: Herakut The eyes of a child. Author: Herakut

Continuing the theme - the unusual works of Thomas Lamadier, whose work is often called "Heavenly art", in which he combined street art, photography and drawing.

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