Incredibly realistic dolls from a Russian sculptor
Incredibly realistic dolls from a Russian sculptor
Amazingly realistic dolls by Mikhail Zaykov

Many of us have seen these horror films in which dolls either come to life by themselves, or a person is turned into their little plastic copy, so that he feels everything, but could not say anything. Jointed dolls Mikhail Zaykov evoke about the same feelings - they are so realistic that it is hard to believe that it seems that they are about to come to life and will start, if not speaking, then certainly looking quite meaningfully.

The face of each doll is made of polyurethane Finished works by Mikhail Zaykov Mikhail Zaikov's finished dolls look like real people

In order to create such masterpieces, of course, it is not enough just to be a good sculptor, you must literally give your soul to your work. The image of each doll is thought out to the smallest detail - from teenage swelling of the face to frilly dresses with frills and lace. It is unlikely that such a doll will want to change into something else or play with it as with ordinary dolls: each work of Mikhail Zaikov is a real work of art.

Shoes - each piece of clothing for dolls is created by hand Each doll takes a month to complete Realistic dolls by Mikhail Zaykov

The dolls are made of polymer clay, they are all about the same height - 70 cm. Each doll has 14 hinges that allow the head, arms, legs and body to move. Each doll is hand-painted - for this Mikhail uses acrylic paints. The eyes for the dolls are specially ordered from Germany (this is not stamping, all the eyes are hand-painted, which is why they look so "alive"). The outfits, and the whole image, are thought out and created by Irina Kuzemina, whom Mikhail met during his work in the puppet theater.

Ready-made dolls are ready for sale Mikhail and Irina are looking for inspiration for new images among old paintings or photographs Each doll ends up being 70 cm in size

Mikhail learned that designer dolls can be more than just toys in 2010 when he saw photographs of Laura Scattolini and Rotraut Shrott dolls. Then he began to try, experiment with materials, sizes, shapes. At first they were static dolls. About a year ago, the sculptor decided to change tactics and give his dolls mobility. Mikhail and Irina are working together on the result, although each has completely different tasks. Thinking together how the finished doll will look, an understanding comes with what and how to work. As a result, one doll takes about a month of joint work, but the result is clearly worth this time.

Mikhail Zaykov's finished dolls are striking in their realism For each doll he thinks over the image separately First, a sketch is created, then the base is carefully created Dolls by Mikhail Zaykov The eyes are also created by hand Dresses for dolls are created by Irina Kuzemina Mikhail Zaikov with his dolls

Perhaps regular readers of Cultural Studies also remember a recent article about another doll sculptor from Russia - Larisa Isaeva, who creates absolutely stunning miniature dolls in Russian folk costumes. Larisa's dolls are always dressed very festively, are cheerful and can charm not only children, but also adults.

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