Stunning latte art: hyper-realistic images of cats
Stunning latte art: hyper-realistic images of cats
Latte art by Kazuki Yamamoto

The art of painting on coffee foam or latte art insanely popular in the Land of the Rising Sun. Sophisticated Japanese can no longer be surprised with just a funny little animal or little person. The talented barista, however, sets a higher bar in foam patterns.

Image of a cat on coffee foam

The famous Japanese barista (coffee specialist) Kazuki Yamamoto (Kazuki Yamamoto) fully mastered the art of latte art. He was one of the first to create not two-, but three-dimensional drawings on coffee foam. Nevertheless, this was no longer enough for him, and the artist went even further. He depicted incredible hyperrealistic drawings of cats in espresso cups.

Drawings from Japanese barista Kazuki Yamamoto Drawing on the coffee foam

The artist at home has three pet cats Donguri, Muki and Uutan. It was their portraits that Kazuki portrayed on coffee foam. In these works, all the finest details, light transitions, glare of cat's eyes, thin antennae are clearly demonstrated. If you don't get close to the cups, then you might think that these are real photographs.

Images made on coffee crema

3D sculpturescreated by Kazuki are no less original than the images of cats.

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