Just important things: clever drawings by the talented John Holcroft
Just important things: clever drawings by the talented John Holcroft
Clever drawings of the talented John Holcroft

John Holcroft is a true master of satirical drawing. From under his skillful pen, amazing works appear: laconic, witty and topical. Easily finding themes for his illustrations in our imperfect world, John Holcroft remains true to himself in his impartial portrayal of human vices and injustice.

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John Holcroft grew up in a quiet town in West Lancashire, England. When the future illustrator was nine years old, his family moved to Yorkshire, where little Johnny spent most of his childhood drawing and making funny things from scrap materials.

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“While I was in college,” Holcroft recalls, “I became a huge fan of David Cutter, Ian Pollock and Edward Hopper. Happy, I graduated with a higher education diploma in graphic design and, of course, was proud of my achievements until I realized that I was at the very end of the line of unemployed, the same graduates of yesterday as me. " interrupted by odd jobs, but Holcroft always remained true to his vocation: even John's part-time jobs were associated with graphic design. In his free time from the main work, Holfort was actively involved in illustration, improving from time to time.

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“In 1996, I decided to take a crucial step: I became a freelance illustrator. The first five years I worked only with paper, which, of course, did not make my life easier - the process was quite laborious. It was only in 2001 that I began to get acquainted with high technologies: this is how the Wacom graphic tablet and Corel Painter appeared in my arsenal. Since then, the style of my work has changed several times. I found my style only in 2009, but I don't intend to change it anymore. Not so long ago I underwent an operation, and, oddly enough, thanks to this, or rather, the free time that appeared, I was able to experiment a lot in a new style,”says the artist.

Just Important: John Holcroft's Talented Illustrations

Today, Holcroft's “clever” drawings with a recognizable textured background and sharp color blocks are of interest not only to fans of the artist, but also to such giants as the BBC, Financial Times and The Guardian, who have become his loyal clients. The work of his colleague in the shop, the Italian Alessandro Gottardo, is also laconic in style, but no less rich in content.

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