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Photos from the family album: Angelina Jolie through the lens of Brad Pitt
Photos from the family album: Angelina Jolie through the lens of Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie through the lens of Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular, perhaps, women on the planet. The paparazzi follow her every step in pursuit of scandalous pictures, and fans are interested in everything that happens to her, not only on the screen, but also in real life. Thousands of photographers take pictures of her, but sometimes the camera turned out to be in the hands of her husband (now former) Brad Pitt. And it is very interesting to watch how the megastar in these photos turned into just a wife and just into a mother. All these photos Brad Pitt took when the family was vacationing in their home in the south of France.

1. Angelina Jolie

Famous American actress, film director and fashion model

2. Sensual photography

Angelina Jolie's perfect lips

3. Lessons to walk in heels

Angelina teaches her daughter how to walk in high heels

4. Caring mom

Black and white photo taken personally by Brad Pitt

5. Real atmosphere of love

An actress with her children in a house in the south of France

6. Family archive

Image of Jolie by Brad Pitt

7. Charm and beauty

Sensual photo taken by Brad Pitt for W Magazine

8. "A woman is a reflection of a man"

One of the most sought-after, beautiful and sexy actresses in Hollywood

9. Genuine happiness

Photo of Angelina Jolie from a private collection

10. Portrait shot

A photograph that reveals a famous actress, on the other hand

11. Mystic

Angelina Jolie, as no one else has seen her

12. Informal setting

Rest after a hard day at work

13.Children are always fun

Angelina with her son

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