DJ Arxonix dispels rumors about the cancellation of the concert in Makhachkala
DJ Arxonix dispels rumors about the cancellation of the concert in Makhachkala
DJ Arxonix dispels rumors about the cancellation of the concert in Makhachkala

The upcoming concert of Alina Davis and the Rotten District group in Makhachkala has literally been overgrown with scandals since the date of the announcement. It all started when the city administration decided to provide financial assistance in organizing the event. This was extremely negatively perceived by the Dagestani media, which regarded the aid as a manifestation of double standards.

The reason for the outrage is explained by the fact that Yegor Creed's concert was canceled last fall due to threats against the artist. A similar fate befell the popular hip-hop artist Eljay. According to a number of publications, an important role in the failures of the events was played by the lyrics of the artists, which are too defiant (at least for the cultural characteristics of Dagestan). Against the background of these events, the loyal attitude towards the participants of "Love and Peace", whose repertoire is of a much more informal character, caused a wave of indignation in the press.

The situation was aggravated by the conflict between Alexander Ilyushin, the former vocalist of the Rotten District, and the DJ Arxonixa, the organizer of Love and Peace. The cause of the conflict was a photo of Ilyushin on the event poster, although he left the band even before the concert was announced. The musician called the organizer a fraud and threatened to report the illegal use of personal data to the police. He also stated that the Rotten District fell apart a long time ago, so there will be no concert.

Arxonix himself explained the situation by the fact that the PR service mistakenly used an old photo of the group for the poster, where Ilyushin was still present. Moreover, according to the organizer, the picture does not violate the law, as it is in the public domain on the network.

The organizer accused the musician of libel and promised to file a lawsuit demanding compensation for reputational costs. Journalists called the conflict "the war of rock and laser", since the parties are representatives of two competing genres of music.

The atmosphere around "Love and Peace" heightened even more after Alina Davis (another participant in the event) was arrested for the manufacture of methamphetamine. This is not the first time that the artist has problems with the law. In 2009, a criminal case was opened against her: Davis made explosives at home and set off an explosion in one of the Moscow cafes. In 2015, the artist again becomes the "star" of crime reports: this time she is accused of drug trafficking. A year later, Alina goes to prison for forging documents, from where she leaves in 2017.

With such a track record, her chances of being released before New Years (the date of "Love and Peace") are close to zero. At the same time, as the artist herself said, at present she does not even have money for lawyers.

In this situation, the organization of the event looks impossible, which, as expected, gave rise to rumors about its cancellation. Despite this, DJ Arxonix made it clear: "There will be a concert!"

As it turned out, the organizer had resolved the issue with the former Rotten District member. PR-service "Love and Peace" removed the picture of Ilyushin from the poster, and he, in turn, refused to announce the breakup of the group. Thus, all parties were satisfied with the outcome of the conflict.

Also, the DJ is not going to let the Alina Davis problem take its course. Arxonix criticized the work of the Moscow police for lack of professionalism. He believes that all the charges against the artist are based solely on the slander of ill-wishers, and the old criminal cases need to be reviewed.

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