Italian artists will perform in July at the Grand Festival of Italy in Moscow
Italian artists will perform in July at the Grand Festival of Italy in Moscow
Italian artists will perform in July at the Grand Festival of Italy in Moscow

On July 13, a large Italian festival will open in the Moscow Hermitage garden, which will last only two days and will end on July 14. Musicians from Italy will perform at this event. Pasquale Terracciano, the Italian ambassador to the Russian Federation, spoke about such an event during a press conference on June 17.

This is the third Great Festival of Italy to be held in Russia. Earlier in 2017-2018, this event turned out to be successful, and it was decided to hold it further. The festival will include various activities such as Italian language and cooking classes, arts, culture and tourism events. Such a festival will not do without concerts, at which Italian artists will perform.

During his speech, the head of the diplomatic mission drew attention to the fact that Russia and Italy had been actively cooperating at all times. This cooperation is manifested in all areas, and has always been especially active in the field of tourism. A huge number of tourists from the Russian Federation visit Italy every year. He explains the reason for the increased interest of Russians in Italy not only by the presence within the country of a huge number of UNESCO cultural heritage sites.

In his opinion, this interest is based more on the significant similarities that exist between the citizens of Italy and the Russian Federation. In his speech, the ambassador was referring precisely to cultural similarities. During his speech, he also drew attention to the fact that there are 54 cultural heritage sites in Italy in total, which are very attractive for tourists from different countries and Russian travelers are no exception.

Those who want to visit the festival will be offered to watch films made in Italy, as well as take part in lectures, during which they will tell about the history of Italy and the culture of this country. Participants of the Great Festival of Italy in Moscow will be invited to become participants in a fun and interesting process - the pressure of grapes. As the practice of the past two festivals has shown, this event was especially liked by all the participants.

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