Short Film Festival Laureates Named in Kaliningrad
Short Film Festival Laureates Named in Kaliningrad
Short Film Festival Laureates Named in Kaliningrad

On Sunday, August 18, the winners of the Russian festival with the name "Shorter" became known - this is a festival of short films. At that time, the best film was chosen a tape with the title "Submariner", directed by Alexander Nazarov. The best director this time in Kaliningrad was named Nikita Vlasov, who is working on the creation of a short film titled "Blank".

This time the producer Igor Tolstunov was the chairman of the jury. The jury, which had to deal with determining the winners in different nominations, also included Anton Malyshev, who holds the position of executive director at the Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Cinematography with the name “Kinoprime”; Alexander Tsypkin - screenwriter, director, writer; Petr Buslov - producer and director; actress Victoria Isakova and actor Pavel Derevyanko.

The festival with the name "In short" was held in Kaliningrad for the seventh time. It started on August 16 and ended on August 18. Only 37 short films took part in the main competition. 35 of these films were premieres. The jury members had to choose the best in such nominations as: "Best Screenplay", "Best Film" and "Best Director". The film was also determined within the framework of this festival, which took a special prize.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that within the framework of this festival, not only a competitive program was held, but also an out-of-competition event. One of the out-of-competition programs was named “In short. Stars". This program featured directorial works by Maxim Matveev, Maria Fomina, Paulina Andreeva, Diana Pozharskaya, Daria Gratsevich. Shown within the framework of this program and a short film with the title "Old Warrior". This film was created by Sergei Bataev, an actor of the Vakhtangov Theater. In this short film, Vladimir Etush played his last role.

Another out-of-competition program was named “In short. Career". There were presented 8 films, among which were "The Death of a Taper" directed by Andrei Selivanov, "Ulyana" directed by Yevgeny Sangadzhiev, "One Historical Mistake" directed by Mikhail Mestetsky. In the program called “In short. Love "was attended by" Peaceful Life "by director Ivan Tverdovsky and" Saccade "by directors Alexei Yudnikov and Sergei Lintsov. The program “Do it Shorter” featured 5 short films, including a film titled “Fuel” directed by Mikhail Arkhipov, who became the winner at “Kinotavr”. As part of the out-of-competition programs of this festival, animated short films, films about healthy lifestyles and family shorts were shown. The international program featured 11 films from Syria, Latvia, France, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Tajikistan and Iran.

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