Exhibition "Personalities - Zurab Tsereteli" opened in Liechtenstein
Exhibition "Personalities - Zurab Tsereteli" opened in Liechtenstein
Exhibition opened in Liechtenstein

On June 26, in Vaduz, located in the Principality of Liechtenstein, an exhibition was opened at the local state museum, entitled "Personalities - Zurab Tsereteli". This event was decided to coincide with the 85th birthday of the artist, who has been the president of the Russian Academy of Arts for a long time and bears the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

This opening ceremony was attended by Sergei Garmonin, who acts as consul and ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation. Klaus Chucher and Vasily Tsereteli, grandson of Zurab, who is the director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, attended this event.

During his interview, Garmonin said that the works of Zurab Tsereteli strongly remind him of the works of Niko Pirosmani. They are filled with colors and represent an exceptional Georgian perception of the surrounding world. He also called it wonderful that a talented artist cannot sit around, he constantly wants to do something, to create. The works that they decided to present at the exhibition in Liechtenstein are considered one of the best creations of this master.

He drew particular attention to the fact that the Liechtenstein State Museum has recently been placing special emphasis on Soviet and Russian art, trying to make it more popular. Previously, various exhibitions were held here, at which the public was presented with the works of contemporary artists, old Russian and Soviet artists, modernists. The Ambassador especially thanked Rainer Vollkommer, the director of this very museum, for his desire to keep in touch with the best museums operating in the Russian Federation.

Vasily Tsereteli also made a speech at the opening ceremony. He turned to the organizers with words of gratitude for holding such an event. He also said that the master himself, his grandfather, wanted to attend the opening, but could not come. Vasily invited all those present in the fall to Moscow, where a new exhibition will be held in the Tsereteli Gallery.

On the territory of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Tsereteli's personal exhibition takes place for the first time. For the display, drawings and paintings were selected, based on religious motives, traditions, myths, and folklore by the master. The exhibition will be open for visitors until September 29, where they will be able to see the following works: "Music", "Mirandela", "Avtandil Goes on a Date", "Inessa Looking Into the Distance".

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